3 Ways to Make Your Vacation Relaxing and Fun for Kids No Comments

3 Ways to Make Your Vacation Relaxing and Fun for Kids Vacations are for unwinding and relaxing, right? Hmm, not so much. Maybe they were in the distant past, before your little bundles of joy came along! As if looking after the little carpet crawlers wasn’t stressful enough at home, when you take your sprogs on the road the levels of frustration can reach new heights. A well-intentioned Read more

5 Sights That Your Family Will Love Seeing During Your Vacation in India No Comments

Does humidity bother you when traveling? If so, India invites you to enjoy all it has to offer from November through February. It’s an enormous place to visit, and much too much for a single tour. It’s a bit chaotic with sounds, aromas, colors, and people. If you want to make a family trip of it, Mumbai Juhu is the place to go. You’ll love Read more

4 Luxurious Villas You Should Consider in Mykonos No Comments

4 Luxurious Villas You Should Consider in Mykonos Indulging yourself in a trip to the Island of Mykonos this summer is something you’ll never regret. With a population of just over 10,000, you can ensure you’re going to get the relaxing vacation you crave for. However, if you fancy yourself as a bit of a party animal, Mykonos is also a very popular nightlife spot, and Read more

Rent Polaris Snowmobiles, RZRs, and More at Daniels Summit Lodge for Your Next Mountain Adventure 4 Comments

Daniels Summit By Troy Pattee Sometimes I’ll drive by a place and say to myself, “I need to stop and check that out next time I’m in the area.” Daniels Summit Lodge is one of those places. Whenever I pass it I excitedly make a mental note to stop in sometime soon. Unfortunately for me those mental notes are stored in a mind that regularly forgets to pick up eggs Read more

5 Family Friendly Activities in Las Vegas No Comments

When most people think of Vegas, they think of going for the partying scene. It’s a shame because there is so much more to Las Vegas than meets the eye. Believe it or not, it’s a great place for families! You don’t have to be in the mood to gamble to enjoy a few days in the Las Vegas area. 1. 7 Magic Mountains One of my Read more

How to Dig for Hidden Geodes 5 Comments

Disclaimer - This post is sponsored by Tooele County. Go Adventure Mom received compensation for writing this post. All opinions expressed are entirely our own.    How to dig for hidden geodes in Tooele County Have you always wanted to dig for geodes, but weren’t sure where to start? You can dig for hidden geodes in Tooele County and here’s how! Digging in the Utah desert is loads of Read more

What Luxury Feels Like: Staying at Hampton Inn & Suites Pittsburgh-Downtown 1 Comment

  When a family is headed to Pittsburgh for a week full of fun, where do they stay? I was searching for hotels and I had a list of requirements. I wanted it to be safe, fun, and downtown. I came across the Hampton Inn & Suites in Pittsburgh. They agreed to host us for a few days and it was the best decision EVER! Let me Read more

7 Airport Hacks to Make Flying Easier‏ No Comments

 7 Airport Hacks to Make Family Travel Easier I absolutely LOVE traveling. I think it is absolutely amazing to be able to go around the world and see different places, see parts of history, and experience new cultures. However, I don't know about all of you but flying can be a huge hassle because of all of the steps and struggles that it take to get through the Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Yellowstone No Comments

From the geysers, hot springs, and pools to the lakes, forests, and wildlife, Yellowstone National Park has something to excite every visitor! As a kid, I dreamed of visiting Yellowstone and have fond memories of the experiences I had there with my family.  I used up rolls and rolls of film taking pictures of the buffalo, bears, and elk that posed for us along the side Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Canyonlands No Comments

Canyonlands National Park is a stunning area near Moab, Utah with sheer sandstone cliffs, deep canyons, beautiful rivers, and spectacular vistas.  Although I have been to Moab dozens of times, I always visited Arches National Park.  My first visit to Canyonlands was a few years ago, and I was disappointed with myself that I hadn't made it there sooner. I still have areas that I need Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Yosemite 3 Comments

Yosemite National Park had been on my bucket list for as long as I can remember, and let me tell you….it did not disappoint!  Going back through my pictures from the trip gives me the chills because it reminds me how breathtakingly spectacular it was.  I felt like I was in heaven the whole time I was there.  At least, that’s what I hope heaven Read more

Travel & Adventure Show No Comments

The Travel & Adventure Show Returns to the Bay Area  Explore the world and experience the culture, the sights, the sounds, and even the cuisine that goes along with travel and tourism at the two-day Bay Area Travel & Adventure Show February 7-8, 2015. Meet and greet over 1,500 travel experts from around the globe as they provide invaluable insight and advice about all things travel; destinations, tour operators, travel Read more

4 Tips for Booking Your Next Vacation No Comments

4 Tips for Booking Your Next Vacation    Traveling with Kids   4 Tips for Booking Your Next Vacation Booking a vacation is no easy feat. It’s a tough job to look around and find the best deals. That’s why it’s important to take your time and really find the best deal out there. I wanted to chat about a few tips for booking your vacation online. #1. Start Early I Read more

Family Travel: Family Friendly Hotel Tips No Comments

Is it time to book another family vacation already? Booking a hotel is one of the most crucial parts of a family vacation. Check out some of these tips to make booking a hotel for the family vacation a breeze. Here are our Family Friendly Hotel Tips: 1. Realize That Cheap Doesn’t Equal Quality I’ve learned that just because I’m booking a cheap hotel online it doesn’t mean it’ll Read more

Traveling with baby is probably considered as one of the biggest stressors for parents when they’re headed somewhere. However, traveling with baby doesn’t need to be stressful. Keep these tips in mind when you’re traveling with that little one in tow. Stress Reducers While Traveling with Baby #1. Pack Whatever You Need I always say that it’s easier to pack the items you need now, than run to Read more