Create Your Own Custom Sunglasses No Comments

Want to rock this summer with bold colored shades? Or maybe you want to keep it chill with traditional shades. Either way, Tifosi Optics has a custom sunglasses portal to design your very own pair of sunglasses - just in time for summer. I like these because they are affordable sunglasses so you can wear them out in the water, paddle boarding, water skiing, on Read more

Rheos Floating Sunglasses 18 Comments

Ever since I can remember I've had sensitive eyes. Going out into the sun has always been especially hard on them. I've had so many occasions where I've been out running errands, driving around in the car, coming out of the super market and the sun has hit me and I've literally stumbled through the parking lot with a hand over my eyes to protect Read more

Liberty Sport Meadow Sunglasses Review As much as I love spending the summer days outside with my little ones doing fun activities in the yard or around town, it can get a little challenging to stay upbeat in the harsh summer sun. Here in my state the sun really beats down by the time midday arrives, so, with the suns glare in my eyes I have Read more

Save Your Eyes! Why You and Your Kids Should Be Wearing Sunglasses 2 Comments

Sunglasses are not just a cute fashion accessory anymore, they are vital to protecting the health of your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun.  Most of us don't realize that our eyes can be affected by the sun just as much as our skin can.  I am pale and fair-skinned so I always notice when I get a sunburn...but I have never given Read more

Sun Performance Snow Rider Sunglasses No Comments

Sun Performance Snow Rider Recently my parents and grandparents were diagnosed with macular degeneration. Knowing this is highly genetic I asked my physician what I could do to prevent this disease. I was surprised by his answer "wear sunglasses" not just your average $20 grocery store glasses with spray UV protection, but real 100% UVA & UVB protection in quality sunglasses. I began to take my eye Read more