Jake’s Nature Guide Review No Comments

Meet my friend Jake. He’s been featured on my site before. I’m so fond of his work that I wanted to share a little more about him. A while ago, Jake wrote a guest blog post for my site called “This Fall Your Kids Can Become Junior Naturalists.” If you don’t know what a junior naturalist is, you’re going to love reading this post and Read more

Camping Tips: How to Turn Your Kids into Happy Campers No Comments

Summer Camping Tips for the Busy Family Camping season is almost here. As much as my family loves camping, I don’t love the aspect of trying to pack everything up. This is especially true as a mom of 3 that leads a busy life. I love camping to disconnect, but the packing thing takes some work. Here are some summer camping tips for the busy family. Keep Read more

Pokemon Go Nature Walk No Comments

Pokemon Go Nature Walk: Making Digital And Real Life Discoveries Together Getting out and about in Nature is a wonderful added bonus attracting thousands of people today with the popularity of the new Pokemon Go app by Niantic. Depending on the location you live in, or where you decide to hike/bike to for your Pokemon Go adventure, there are literally no limits to the types of Read more

National Geographic Kids Mission: Polar Bear Rescue No Comments

When I was in middle school we watched a lot of videos for our geography class. Like the rest of my classmates I enjoyed these movies because it meant there was little to no actual classwork for that period and I could catch up on homework from another class or in some cases, if I was really brave, lay my head down and catch a Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Yellowstone No Comments

From the geysers, hot springs, and pools to the lakes, forests, and wildlife, Yellowstone National Park has something to excite every visitor! As a kid, I dreamed of visiting Yellowstone and have fond memories of the experiences I had there with my family.  I used up rolls and rolls of film taking pictures of the buffalo, bears, and elk that posed for us along the side Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Arches No Comments

Arches National Park contains over 2,000 cataloged natural arches, making it the world’s largest collection!  Some of these are very small, but some are massive and will take your breath away.  I personally like to visit Arches at least once a year or so, just because it is one of those places that always fills me with wonder and amazement. For more information about each hike, Read more

The Best Afternoon : Provo Canyon, Utah No Comments

My goal with The Best Afternoon Series is to help you have an awesome time with your family even if you only have a few hours in your day! After all, we can all use a little more nature time in our lives, right?!  I would like to spotlight Provo Canyon this week, with an emphasis on two stunning waterfalls that will excite every member of Read more

The Best Afternoon : Payson Canyon, Utah No Comments

I love to hike and camp so much that I could probably spend weeks at a time living out of a tent and exploring an area.  However these days, now that I have a 10-month old baby, usually our outings are pretty brief.  That doesn't mean that we can't have a great time in a few short hours.  My goal with The Best Afternoon Series Read more

5 Family Friendly Things to See and Do in Canyonlands No Comments

Canyonlands National Park is a stunning area near Moab, Utah with sheer sandstone cliffs, deep canyons, beautiful rivers, and spectacular vistas.  Although I have been to Moab dozens of times, I always visited Arches National Park.  My first visit to Canyonlands was a few years ago, and I was disappointed with myself that I hadn't made it there sooner. I still have areas that I need Read more

Go Adventure Magazine - Spring 2015 Happy Spring Everyone! We are excited to share our Spring edition of GO ADVENTURE MAGAZINE! This issue we are sharing our favorite gear, best family travel spots and fun activities for kids. The cover of this magazine comes from Staci Levine. Her daughter is fierce and LOVE her brave spirit. I want to be more like her. Now is the time for Spring Break Read more

2 Horrible Words We Need to Stop Using On Your Kids 2 Comments

2 Horrible Words We Need to Stop Using On Your Kids That Will Help You To Raise Brave Kids Please welcome guest contributor Staci Levine. Today she shares a story on how we need to banish 2 words from our vocabulary to build confidence in our children.  I met Staci at the Outdoor Retailer show this past January. We got to talking and she said, "I'm an Adventure Read more

Baby Bjorn Kitchen + Bath Giveaway 2 Comments

Baby Bjorn Kitchen + Bath Giveaway Did you know Baby Bjorn, in addition to their baby carriers, also make adorable kitchen and bath items for your baby? Baby Bjorn has all you need for feeding and potty training your baby, As we are always looking for smart baby products and love the innovation and design behind the baby feeding system. We have partnered with Baby Bjorn to Read more

Making Apple Cider No Comments

Urban Homesteader: Making Apple Cider Creates Memories My husband's on the road much of time for work, so often (due to my own exhaustion) my children’s outdoor adventures don’t extend outside of the parameters of our own property. We live on an acre and a half of an old orchard with 40 pear trees, 4 apple trees, 2 peach trees, 10 plum trees, chickens, rabbits, and a Read more

Team Shout at The Color Run No Comments

Over the last year (since being pregnant, being on bed rest, having a baby and having complications from baby) I haven't been able to be as active as I’d like to be. I'll be honest, it's been really hard. So when Team Shout® gave me the opportunity to attend The Color Run, a race with no pressures of actually running, I was pumped to give it a go! We all got the chance to run Read more

Keep Little Feet Warm This Winter 2 Comments

My 6 Year Old Could Live in Flip Flops My 6-year-old son could live in his flip-flop sandals if I'd let him. He thinks they go with everything. I posted this image on Instagram earlier this week and got this great response: from @Gourmified: lip flops w/ long pants and shirts...only in UT! Love it! Wearing flip-flops in the winter is a little problematic, even for this little Read more