KOA Get Out There Grants No Comments

KOA Get Out There Grants Camping season is right around the corner, so there’s no better time to chat with Mike Gast, VP of Communications with Kampgrounds of America. Mike is here to tell us about a new KOA grant program, some interesting findings from their North American Camper Report, camping trends, and how KOA works. About KOA KOA has nearly 500 campgrounds across North America which operate on Read more

Podcast: Having kids only adds to the adventure 2 Comments

Curtis Linville: Adventure Sports Podcast This episode is full of profound parenting advice that you can take with you on your journey raising a family. As Kathy of Go Adventure Mom and Curtis Linville of the Adventure Sports Podcast interview each other, you’ll learn about getting your kids excited for outdoor life, why adventures don’t have to be extravagant, and the importance of simply spending time together Read more

Camping Tips: How to Turn Your Kids into Happy Campers No Comments

Summer Camping Tips for the Busy Family Camping season is almost here. As much as my family loves camping, I don’t love the aspect of trying to pack everything up. This is especially true as a mom of 3 that leads a busy life. I love camping to disconnect, but the packing thing takes some work. Here are some summer camping tips for the busy family. Keep Read more

Gourmet S’mores No Comments

How to make Gourmet S'mores I am the first to admit that I love a good S’mores, but I have been thinking about switching things up. Instead of using Hershey’s chocolate every time, I wanted to let you know some ways in which you can turn regular s’mores into something gourmet. Check out these Gourmet S’mores ideas. Add Fruit to Your S’mores I know when you think of s’mores, Read more

4 Simple Tips for Family Camping

  Family Camping Tips Now is the perfect time for family camping. The weather has cooled down and it is more tolerable to be outside. My family loves to camp. You’ll notice we camp a few times a year! I wanted to share 4 Simple Tips to Family Camping that will make your camping adventure more enjoyable! Reserve Your Campsite You would be surprised as to how much everyone Read more

My friends over at Pali Adventures share "unplugged camp". This is my kind a camp:   Kids are constantly surrounded by screens: cell phones, tablets, laptops, television, video games and so on. Some of these tools of technology can be extremely helpful in educational value, but when is it too much? Pali believes that every kid needs a tech detox now and then, to reconnect with each other and nature. That Read more

How to Start a Campfire No Comments

    It can be easily argued that one of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors, to engage with it on a sensory level, is with a campfire. Communing around that mainstay of every camp and picnic site and inhaling the woodsy aroma that only a campfire can make often causes feelings of happiness and peace. At least, that's the way it is with me. So I'm Read more

Hydro Flask Water Bottle 1 Comment

Your new favorite cup! The Hydro Flask 32 oz Tumbler   The Hydro Flask Water Bottle Just wanted my readers to know that this is not a sponsored post, but thought that I would inform you about the Hydro Flask Water Bottle (though it may contain affiliate links). Did you know that most water bottles are destroyed or release harmful chemicals if left in s hot car? My Hydro Read more

Our family loves the outdoors. We've learned the hard way to keep milk cold and safe*. A family tradition is to go to Jackson Hole each summer. We've been going for over 20 years and love the spend time together with our families. Last summer we headed up to the Tetons to spend two weeks with both of our families. I was pregnant and stayed in Read more