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Back to School Backpack Buying Guide What if the backpack you bought your child this year was just what they needed? What if the backpack lasted more than 6 months? When looking for a backpack this school year, you need to check out these tips. Durability is #1 Sometimes when you think back to school backpacks, you just grab what you can. Not anymore. When you Read more

While you're out enjoying the summer with your family the last thing you want to do is think about is having to go out and buy school supplies but with holiday breaks, snow days and hurricane days adding up over the last year, the summer will be over more quickly than ever and the back-to-school shopping will once again be a necessity. Notebooks, pencils, sharpeners, Read more

Osprey Moki Series Hydration Pack When you let yourself get caught up in good fun it can be all too easy to lose track of the time and also your basic needs, like keeping hydrated in heat of summertime. I've fallen prey to dehydration a time or two back when I was younger and played all summer with my friends; I'd come home sweaty, pink cheeked and Read more

Backpack review: Granite Gear Backpacks With school in full swing and the gift giving season almost upon us, it may be a good idea to check out the condition of your child's backpack. What we love about Granite Gear backpack: Quality, variety, and color schemes Sturdy with padded section in the back Variety of sizes for middle school to high school Water bottle netting is higher and Read more

REVIEW: OSPREY PACO PACK {Please note, this is not a paid review. We bought this child carrier and received no incentive for field testing this product}   Field Testing in Grand Teton National Park This year  on our annual family trip to Teton National Park, I carried our daughter on two hikes in the Osprey Poco pack. She’s about 30 pounds and it proved to be a good workout. The day before Read more