As a blogger, we love to connect with others, don't we? Especially when we meet in real life. It's important to have business cards on hand for in real life events. Your cards should be consistent with your brand. Here is a great article about my favorite business card maker   Article location: February 27, 2012 Tags: Leadership, Innovation, Careers, Business Cards 6 Ways Your Business Card Can Still Pack A Big Punch By Lydia Read more

Here is an interesting article on "Social Moms" and their behavior. Of my friends online, we interact via blog, twitter and facebook far more than an email. I find this article interesting because it talks to the influence of social moms. Mothers make 85% of the household spending decisions and I think they are far more influential than brands and companies understand. It's not just about Read more

I was doing some research to update my media kit and found this great stat: 81% of moms own a mobile phone and 45% own a smart phone My guess if you're reading this blog, half of you are reading it on your smart phone, right? Here's the article in full: Smart Moms Using Smartphones by Joy Liuzzo July 11, 2011 I know a lot of Moms who can’t remember how they Read more

“ @KathyDaltonSLC has a 1950's feel and to me... Deidrea-The Hot Mama Tue, Jan 10 2012 23:27:57 ReplyRetweet “ @KathyDaltonSLC I'll answer for my wife who's not on twitter. No not offensive. She takes pride in term Steve Chambers Sat, Jan 07 2012 16:27:23 ReplyRetweet “ @KathyDaltonSLC As a husband, I think it's a term of honor and prestige. Bryan Packer Sat, Jan 07 2012 16:29:53 ReplyRetweet “ @KathyDaltonSLC its better than "homewrecker" Zach Sat, Jan 07 2012 14:44:49 ReplyRetweet Read more

We had a magical moment today. We saw Santa. Baby's first time. Son was filled with awe. Santa came riding in on a dog sled today in Park City. Thanks to Allison for telling us about it! Here we are waiting for Santa. (Check out the really cool red yurt in the background!) You can see Santa yourself coming riding in here:   After we were invited into Maxwell's to meet Santa. We Read more

We kindly refer to ourselves as "dog people". No, we don't look or smell like dogs, at least I hope not, both Jon and I grew up with dogs. Six years ago we got our first dog, Banjo. We wanted a medium sized dog because our house isn't very big. After doing some serious research on the American Kennel Club website, we find a breed that Read more

I'm a nerd. I know. I totally geek out over google analytics, even though I have a few very loyal friends that read this blog. It's really fun. I love the charts. I love the colors. I love to see how I'm doing day to day. (and now with the new updated fancy analytics you can see up to the minute updates). I like the progress. I like to see my Read more

Another great find via Pinterest I love to make banners and think this one is just darling. {Source Design By Kelli} Thanksgiving Decor Ideas Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  I absolutely love this time or year.  It is such a great time to snuggle in and refocus ourselves on family and friends.  I love to involve the kids when decorating.It creates fun memories and connects them to the special feeling Read more