Jenny Lake is formed from glacial run off. A great family hike is up to Hidden Falls. The hike actually starts with a boat ride across Jenny lake. It’s a little expensive, but worth the experience (and the saved time hiking around the lake, which is also an option. There is water available to fill water bottles at the Dock.   We packed a picnic lunch with our Read more

Colter Bay Since I was about 13 we have been taking an annual family vacation to Jackson Hole.  Jon’s family has the same tradition, so it was really fun when we married that we can continue this tradition. Now that we have two children we enjoy reliving our childhood memories through the eyes of our children.   We stay in Colter Bay in the Tent Cabins.   Packing for a trip Read more

This summer has been filled with a bunch of great family adventures. We've gone on some great bike rides, hikes and have loved being together with our family. Being active is a great way for our family to connect in nature! I hope you've had a good summer too! Intermountain LiVe launched a photo contest today and all you have to do is submit a photo Read more

Phelps Lake The Rockerferllers recently donated their private land around Phelps lake and have made the most beautiful reserve. This is our familie’s favorite hike and one you won’t want to miss. It’s only about 1.5 miles. There are two trails, one throught the trees and forest and another that goes along the river, the woodland trail.   The Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve can be found by heading Read more

REVIEW: OSPREY PACO PACK {Please note, this is not a paid review. We bought this child carrier and received no incentive for field testing this product}   Field Testing in Grand Teton National Park This year  on our annual family trip to Teton National Park, I carried our daughter on two hikes in the Osprey Poco pack. She’s about 30 pounds and it proved to be a good workout. The day before Read more

Visit Colter Bay, Wyoming in Grand Teton National Park Colter Bay is located right on Jackson Lake in Grand Teton National Park. There is camping, cabins and tent cabins. There is a gas station, grocery store, laundry, showers and marina. Jackson Lake was a natural lake, but was enlarged when the dam was built. The lake is primarily fed by the Snake River. Our family has been going Read more

The Dalton Gang 2011 Our family has been going to Jackson for about 25 years. How is that possible, you may wonder, since we've only been married 11? Good question. Well, you see, both of our parents are friends and very early on in our childhood our families started going to Jackson Hole together. I must have been 10 or so? The summer I fell in love with Read more

I love photography. Over the last two years, I've saved to buy a new lens and am now in the market for a camera bag. When choosing a camera bag there are 5 things you should look for. 1. How does it protect your camera? 2. Is there room for additional lenses? 3. How big or small do you need it? Is it for day use or for travel? 4. Read more

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Gardening With Kids: Succulents Jordan Valley Conservation Garden hosted a lovely meet up where we learned mingled, took classes and had fun. I was excited to bring my friend for a night with out kids and learn a little about house decor from Leanne Jacobs and Succulents from Cynthia Bee. Succulents are my kind of plant. Why I love succulents: 1. You don't have to water them, they prefer Read more

Do you have a BUCKET LIST ? Today Karina Wetzel is going to share with us HOW TO START A BUCKET LIST. My name is Karina! I'm also known as the Bucket List Girl! I blog over at The Bucket List Girl, there you will find a little bit of everything! Recipes, Fashion posts, get inspired posts, Anything Bucket list, and so much more! I'm so excited to Read more

I've always wanted a family photo that included our furry four legged friends, but that seemed like crazy talk. Trying to get two kids + two dogs to smile and behave for a picture, forget about it. When the Daily Herold interviwed me for the upcoming BlogPaws social media & blogging conference I was at home dying with the flu. Then, when the reporter contacted us and Read more

In general, I try to be pretty even keel. I don't like to rock the boat. I don't like to be contreversial. Until yesterday. I was interviewed by JOCELYN NOVECK from the Associated Press. She was writing a response to the Time Article "Are you Mom Enough?" I'd like your honest feedback on this article. Are We Ready for a Cease-Fire in the Mommy Wars?  The issue isn't about breast feeding, Read more