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Happy Summer! We hope you are having a great time with your kids and staying hydrated!  As part of the 365 Mile Challenge, we're kicking off a mini-challenge called “Kids Moving Miles!”  We'd love to have you join us! It’s a response to parents, but most importantly, KIDS who want in too. And since our larger goal is “families outside and healthy”, we couldn’t ignore that plea AND Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Women: Oboz No Comments

WOMEN’S SAPPHIRE MID WATERPROOF hiking boot If you're like me, then you’re constantly on the lookout for a good pair of hiking boots. You also know, the proper footwear enhances outdoor hiking experiences. I just tried a new pair of shoes, Oboz's women's sapphire mid waterproof hiking boots. These offer a fair price for a product that will last miles of rigorous wear. Price of these shoes: Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Women: Mishmi Takin Jampui Review No Comments

Best Hiking Boots for Women: Mishmi Takin Jampui Review 30 Spring in the Wasatch front brings no shortage of flower-laden paths to explore. Since receiving my pair of Jampui by Mishmi Takin hiking boots, I’ve been able to venture into the sandy high-desert trails of Dinosaur National Monument and Flaming Gorge and the foothills of Mount Olympus. As a newcomer to Mishmi Takin, I wanted to note my favorite features: Read more

How to keep kids happy on your next road trip 1 Comment

Photo credit: Melinda Jae Photography How to keep kids happy on your next road trip Over Memorial Day weekend we went camping in the Wind Rivers as a guest of Visit Wyoming. We logged over 1,000 miles driving and, for the most part, the kids did well in the car. While we try to limit screen time, driving for almost 20 hours, we've found screens to help Read more

3 Things to Know Before Buying a Kid Bike No Comments

Three things to know before buying your kid a bike Child Anatomy Weight Proper Fit Childhood First Bikes My first bike was a "too big for me, hand-me-down" yellow Schwinn Sting Ray “banana bike”. It was beautiful...and it weighed a TON. Well maybe 35 pounds, but to a 10 year-old it might as well been a ton. It took everything I could muster to pull it off the ground. Not much Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Women: Baffin Snosport Hiking Boot Review No Comments

Baffin Snosport Hiking Boot Review In search of snow, I drove up Millcreek Canyon, to try out the Baffin Snosport hiking boots. My hike consisted of hard-packed snow, ice, mud and crossing through a few streams.   There were a few features on the Snosport boot that I loved: Tread-The boot has amazing tread. I felt very confident walking through different snow conditions. Waterproof-The softshell material Read more

FitBit Ionic   Being active is an important part of my life. A part of my everyday active routine is wearing my FitBit Ionic. I never thought that wearing a FitBit could challenge me so much, but it does. There are some reasons I love my FitBit Ionic and I want to share some of those reasons.   Listening to music I don’t think there I love anything more Read more

Google shows there is no shortage of articles and tips on how to stay safe while enjoying the natural world.  Even novice hikers know the basics, bring food, water and tell a friend where you are going.  As a previous wilderness therapist, I want to share a few enhancements to the safety checklist that don’t take up time and can bring peace of mind for Read more

Should kids climb trees? No Comments

The Benefits and Risks of Climbing Trees with Carla Gull Once upon a time, tree climbing was just something we did as kids without thinking much about it. These days, whether it’s regulations, legal issues, or overprotective parents, a simple activity like climbing a tree can bring much more trouble! Dr. Carla Gull was inspired to do some research on this topic after being scolded for having Read more

GoPro Hero5 Black Taking adventures if fun, but how do you capture all that in a fun way? The GoPro Hero5 Black is what every person needs on an adventure. Pair this with Head Strap + QuickClip and you can record all the fun stuff you do!   I like to take walks, bike ride, and even snowboard, but sometimes it’s hard to catch the action without the Read more

Mental Health: One Simple Way to Improve No Comments

Mental Health America declared May Mental Health Month They wanted theme this year to be Fitness (#4Mind4Body). This is because increasing data and personal experiences have connected exercise and nutrition to overall mental health.  365 Mile Challenge I made the connection early on that when I got outside, my mental health improved. And when my family got outside more often we were all happier. In 2017, my friend Kathy Read more

Best Hiking Boots for Women Best Hiking Boots for Women Lowa Renegade Hiking Boot   The Lowa Renegade in graphite/jade has rocked my world these last few weeks. Being able to put these comfortable hiking boots on and take them around South Bend, Indiana has been awesome. I’ve been up in Michigan with them, hiking the cold but beautiful terrain. My Favorite Parts I loved the fit of the Read more

Best Places to Eat in London No Comments

Best Places to Eat in London Many of you know that my parents moved to London. I’m thankful for a chance to spend some time with them. We will be here for a few weeks and I’ve heard of some awesome places to eat, while in London. Here are some of the places I’m looking forward to eating at, while in London! Gastronhome – An interesting Read more