We love getting outdoors with our kids. Sometimes it’s hard to get out the door when it’s just you and your child, so we are starting a local Salt Lake Hiking Group called “LITTLE TYKES HIKES”. This is a place where everyone is welcome to join and go on a little hike together. This group is not limited to little kids, older kids are welcome.


The FIRST FRIDAY of each month we will get together. We hope to add additional hikes during the summer.

Follow our FB page and join our FB group.

Here is our tentative list so far:

March 2 – Bonneville Shoreline Trail


April 6 – Ensign Peak


May 4 – Silver Lake


June 1 – Millcreek Canyon


July 3 – 


Aug 3 – 


September 7 – 


October 5 – 


November 2 – 


December 7 – 



We will leave from the trail head right at 10:00, so be sure to arrive 15-20 minutes earlier to get situated.

We will hike 1 -2 miles.


Bring water, sunscreen, snacks and a positive attitude. Hiking with kids doesn’t always go as we expect, so don’t worry if things fall apart (or your kid falls apart).

Bring a small backpack to put everything in.

Be sure to tell a family member where you will be in case something were to come up and you don’t arrive back when anticipated.