Breast Cancer Awareness Month 1 Comment

Many of us have been touched by breast cancer, though loved ones, friends, or ourselves. Overcoming the initial shock, emotions, pain, and uncertainty is at times overwhelming. This annual campaign increases awareness of the disease and reminds women to take steps to make a plan to detect the disease in the early stages. October’s my favorite month to watch NFL games. Players in their pink shoes, belts, Read more

Title Nine Bra Genie 1 Comment

A Little About Me I’m a pretty low maintenance person. I’m usually in casual, comfy clothes and wear makeup every three to four days depending on how I feel. I’m also outdoorsy and athletic. In addition, I like to support companies whose products are designed by women for women. Bra Fittings Are Awkward For me, being fitted for a bra was like getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I didn’t Read more

Did anyone else start off this summer with high hopes for getting fit? I sure did. I thought with all the kids at home and not having to drive to school and back and after school activities, we would have lots of free time. In my mind, that free time equated to working out at the gym in the mornings. However, two months into summer and Read more

Liberty Sport Meadow Sunglasses Review As much as I love spending the summer days outside with my little ones doing fun activities in the yard or around town, it can get a little challenging to stay upbeat in the harsh summer sun. Here in my state the sun really beats down by the time midday arrives, so, with the suns glare in my eyes I have Read more

MyKick by Burley - Review Those looking for balance bikes for young children best check out the MyKick by Burley. They are the manufacturers of bikes and biking gear that is perfect for families. I had the opportunity to review one of them and wanted to tell you all about this product. Little Assembly Required The MyKick is a great balance bike for children ages 3 and up. Read more

Madsen Bike Review 4 Comments

Off to Church! Madsen Bike Review Simply stated, I love my Madsen bike.  My husband travels a lot, and even when he’s home he’s still working hard and rarely available to take the kids so I can get out for an hour, so my kids are always with me.  Before any of my kids were in school, my Madsen was one of the few things that Read more

The D’Lite by Burley-Review Being an outdoor enthusiast means loving the outdoors no matter the weather. I seem to find a way to enjoy the outdoors through hiking, camping, skiing, biking, walking, along with a myriad assortment of other outdoor activities and adventures. Doing the things that I love to do outdoors did become a little harder once I had children, however, it is not impossible. Read more

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 108 Comments

Holiday Gift Guide 2014 We know that you'd rather spend our time enjoying being together as a family than out in the mall shopping. That's why we've put together a Holiday Gift Guide. This year we've included more ideas for outdoor families, teens and babies. Plus, ideas for friends and neighbor gifts. There is something for the bike lover, music lover and for families that aren't afraid to Read more

Teaching Children to Be Physically Fit No Comments

Teaching Children to  Be Physically Fit Set an Example Thanks to Shout®, I’m still coming down from my runner’s adventure at “The Happiest 5K on the Planet” a few weeks back. I keep getting flash-backs of the bursts of color, crossing the finishing line with my Shout® team and dancing up on stage at the orange color throw. It was really a great day that my whole Read more