As a 4th time nursing mother, I am always looking for items that will help me collect and freeze my milk better. This week I was able to try several different items that would benefit any breastfeeding mother. I wanted to share these items with you because before this, I had never used them, but these items are so brilliant every breastfeeding mother should own Read more

My most embarrassing moment No Comments

    Today, I'm sharing my most embarrassing "mom moment" for all of the online world to see. I'm a little nervous, but hope that I can help others dealing with what I went through last year.   Can’t jump on the trampoline anymore? Cross your legs when you sneeze? Pee when you laugh too hard? Avoiding coughing?   If you say “Yes!” to any of these questions, then you may have Light Bladder Read more

Little Stinker Products When I started Little Stinker 6 years ago, we set out to make the world a safer place for babies and moms.   Little Stinker Products are Paraben and Thalate Free We developed products that are paraben and thalate free. At that time, these toxins weren't mainstream. But I'm happy to see that more conversation is happening around toxins. Did you know that there have been 287 Read more

Here's a little truth that no one tells you when you're pregnant: You wear your maternity clothes even AFTER you've had the baby.  2 months post-partum and I'm still wearing my maternity jeans. Over the last 7 years I estimate I've spent at least four of those years in maternity clothes (3 years for each child plus post-pardum). Sure wish someone had Read more

1 Simple Tip to Prevent Varicose Veins and Sore Feet 3 Comments

I've known for a while I needed to look into wearing compression socks because my family history for varicose veins. But I had a hard time because seared in my mind were my grandma’s thick, ugly, knee-high compression socks. They were always in the kitchen sink or draped over the shower curtain. To me they were clearly old people socks. I wasn't ready to "give Read more

We are excited to welcome Baby Dalton 3.0 to our family. Our due date is February 1, but according to our doctor, it sounds like he'll be joining us a little early. I've been on bed rest for the last four weeks and have just been focused on cooking the baby a little more. I'm so grateful  for all the love and support we've gotten. In preparation for Read more

The good news is you don't have to buy doll clothes these days to dress your preemie. When we had our son three years ago, we hadn't the slightest clue where to find preemie clothes. This round, we've found some great places for preemie clothing and thought other parents may benefit from our list. Please feel free to share your favorite places to purchase Premie clothes, thanks Read more

I have a doctor appointment at 3:20 over at IMC. I really like my doctor and hope everything will be good. Baby Girl is about 30 weeks so we want to get her to 34 at the very least. Full term would be amazing. My son was a 34 weeker and was in the NICU for 3 weeks. I never got to hold him right after he Read more