Podcast: Children’s author Gabrielle Balkan shares her tip for children who love to write No Comments

PODCAST:  Gabrielle Balkan is a writer and editor, mostly of children's books, living in Brooklyn, New York. Some of her titles include 50 Cities in the U.S.A., Book of Bones, and The 50 States. In addition to writing children's books, she's also worked at Scholastic, and spends plenty of time in classrooms as an author! She joins us on the Go Adventure Mom podcast for our Read more

Family Travel: Pop-up Books New York, London and Paris No Comments

Lonely Planet Kids - Pop-Up New York, London, and Paris If there is something my kids LOVE to do, it is read. There is always a book in my oldest hands, which I love. One of our favorite books is Lonely Planet Kids! They actually have released several new pop up books that your kids may just fall in love with as well. Stay tuned to Read more

Delicious Green Superfood Even Your Kids Will Eat! No Comments

Raise your hand if you wish feeding kids was super easy. I must admit that my kids (myself included) would prefer to eat pizza most nights. But let’s face it, pizza isn’t going to help us live a long life, at least if it’s not made to be slightly healthier. Here are some tips to help you find delicious superfoods your kids will eat. Spinach There isn’t Read more

10 easy ways to get kids excited about giving back this holiday season 1 Comment

Ten easy ways to get kids excited about giving back this holiday season As a parent, I always look forward with anticipation for the delight in my childrens’ eyes as they open those gifts I’ve excitedly selected for them. My heart fills with gratitude for the abundance in our lives that makes it possible to give my loved ones the things they most desire. I’m also Read more

3 Nature Crafts with Kids 1 Comment

3 Fun Nature Crafts to do with Kids I have to admit that I am a huge Sharpie lover. If I see colors that I love, I have to buy them. I have a secret stash of Sharpie markers that I am not ashamed of. Something that my kids and I discovered was that Sharpies work really well in nature. Check out some of these Nature Read more

Creating Memories with Grandparents No Comments

Celebrate Grandparent's Day Spending time with grandparents is one of those things that is SUPER important in life. Getting a chance to make memories with grandparents is something kids will remember for a lifetime. In honor of grandparent’s day, this Sunday, I wanted to share how you can help your kids make memories with their grandparents. Create opportunities: Sometimes you just need to create opportunities for them. Read more

Simple ways your child can be a naturalist 1 Comment

Guest Post by MarkDanenhauer   This Fall Your Kids Can Become Junior Naturalists During summer it felt like my kids and I had lots of time to go explore the mountains, creeks, and forests in the area.  Yet, as always happens, summer flew by and now it is back to school.  The days are busy with school, homework, sports, and activities.   Despite this there is still an easy Read more

Fun Ways to Celebrate Summer with Angry Birds No Comments

How to Celebrate the New Angry Bird Movie Release It’s hard to believe that the New Angry Bird movie is coming out in just a few short weeks. To say that we are fans around here is an understatement. My family loves this movie so much that we are looking for ways to celebrate. Check out some of these ways we have brainstormed to ring in Read more

Hydration Tips for Kids No Comments

It’s that time of year again, time to make sure our kids are as hydrated as possible. Now, how do we ensure they’re hydrated? Check out some of these tips. Drink Lots of Water It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that your body needs lots and lots of water to stay hydrated. Your body is mostly made up of water, so it only makes sense Read more

Aden and Anais Red Daydream Blanket No Comments

Keeping your baby comfortable is always a top priority. You go to great lengths to make sure your baby is sleeping, eating, and loving life. There are ways to make your baby even more comfortable, ways you probably never even thought about. Check out these ways to make your baby super comfortable. Watch the temp- It’s amazing how quickly babies can overheat. Their bodies cannot regulate Read more