THE GREAT NATURE PROJECT This week we’d like to encourage you to join the us in The Great Nature Project and for a #GreatNature Walk . National Geographic Kids is working this week (September 21 – 28) to set a Genesi World Record for the largest online photo album of animals and we think this is a great way to get kids outside and involved with photography. To Read more

I've always wanted a family photo that included our furry four legged friends, but that seemed like crazy talk. Trying to get two kids + two dogs to smile and behave for a picture, forget about it. When the Daily Herold interviwed me for the upcoming BlogPaws social media & blogging conference I was at home dying with the flu. Then, when the reporter contacted us and Read more

We kindly refer to ourselves as "dog people". No, we don't look or smell like dogs, at least I hope not, both Jon and I grew up with dogs. Six years ago we got our first dog, Banjo. We wanted a medium sized dog because our house isn't very big. After doing some serious research on the American Kennel Club website, we find a breed that Read more