Non-Tech Travel Entertainment for Kids ’Tis the season for traveling! Are you among the millions out on the roads and in the sky this holiday season? How about stocking up on some non-tech travel entertainment for kids, it will save your sanity! We traveled for Thanksgiving this year. It ended up being a 13 hour drive with a 17 month and 4 year old. I know, crazy; Read more

First time skiers, this deal is for you! No Comments

Looking for a great Utah ski deal? If there is snow in the forecast, you know crazy locals obsessed with skiing the greatest snow on earth are totally psyched!  But what about locals who are NOT obsessed with skiing? Today, there is a reason from them to be psyched too.  Bundle up your kids and bring them up to the slopes!  The ski season is about to Read more

How to Harvest Homegrown Sunflower Seeds No Comments

At the beginning of the season my husband and darling daughters sprinkled a few sunflower seeds in the South facing flowerbeds by our front porch. We enjoyed watching them all spring and summer as they grew bigger and bigger and BIGGER! At their full height they towered above us.  My daughters couldn't have been more thrilled or proud of any accomplishment in their lives. The were the envy Read more

Home Sick School Games No Comments

Last week was all about getting outside and enjoying winter and the unique activities it brings.  We even made an appearance on our local lifestyle show with our best-of winter list. See here. The universe is a funny thing because this week we were all stuck-in and SICK!  We've been fevering and coughing up a storm.  We've been home from school, work and any extra-curricular activities. Read more

Activities for the Winter Months 11 Comments

What to do in Winter Humans were NOT meant to hibernate in winter!  Go Adventure Mom invites you to do some of these activities for the winter months to stay active and fit. Learn how you can find new ways to enjoy cold weather. Being Active During Winter Winter isn’t a time to go stir-crazy inside. There are lots of amazing outdoor (and some unique indoor) activities to Read more

Cupcake Paper Snowflakes — Kids Holiday Craft Printable 3 Comments

Cupcake Paper Snowflakes A few weeks ago I posted a fun Frozen movie post that included a ton of printable activity sheets. One of these printable activity sheets included cupcake paper snowflakes. This snowflake template to make your own ornate snowflakes was really fun! My daughter Sunny and I had a great time making them but it was kind of a challenge to make all the intricate cuts Read more

The Thanksgiving Side Showstopper No Comments

    Almost 10 years ago I joined a family who's mother was a Home Economics teacher.  She has a million tried and true recipes that everyone knows and loves.  To bring something she is planning to make is a family faux pas.  You just don't do it.  It's just not done. And...don't get me started on how difficult it is to buy something for her. So Read more

Adventures in Math — How to tutor your child in math 1 Comment

Not every day can be a fun adventure in the mountains.  Sometimes, you just have to buckle down and take care of business. My daughter is in a Chinese dual immersion program at her school.  She's doing amazingly well, but we've recently noticed (thanks to her teacher pointing it out at Parent Teacher Conference) that she's a bit slower at doing subtraction problems than most in Read more

Kids Excited to See Frozen? Here’s some freebies! 1 Comment

It's the beginning of the holiday season and I'm getting excited about all the fun things the holidays bring. I am waiting to hear Christmas music coming out my radio and waiting to buy all the special ingredients to make all our holiday favorites. I'm also waiting to see the new Disney Movie Frozen.  We almost always take the kids to the movies sometime over the holidays.  Read more

Hiking The Wave –We did that!!! 6 Comments

I recently had one of the most incredible experiences of my life. We've done lots of outdoor adventures, but this the tops! Me, my husband and two friends got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike The Wave, on the Arizona/Utah border. You need a permit to do this hike, and they're not easy to get. They give 10 a day in-person at the local BLM office and Read more

News For Moms Who Fly With Kids — You Can Leave Your Tablet ON!! No Comments

Most parents who travel, especially with kids know how difficult it can be sometimes to be on an airplane with a child, especially a toddler. Seriously, I have panic attacks remembering days before iPads and tablets were a thing.  I racked my brain for weeks before a flight with kids to think of ways to keep them entertained. We had a DVD player, but the battery always Read more

Ride Snowbird Tram FREE (almost) 1 Comment

Did you know it's customer appreciation days at Snowbird?  I bet you thought that after all the beautiful all colors were gone your NEED to go up the canyon would be over. were wrong.  Snowbird wants you.  AND they want you for a cause. For a simple canned food, hygiene item or a $3 donation, they'll give you a pass to ride their world famous Snowbird Read more

Taking Parenting Tips from BatDad No Comments

Dressing Up in Character A few weeks ago while watching TODAY, I saw a hilarious story about a Georgia dad who used a Batman Dark Night mask and Vine to document parenting moments and share glimpses into his families life. Taking Parenting Tips from BatDad The videos are hilarious and paint a picture about what it would be like if Batman were your stay-at-home parent. I've never laughed so Read more

Seeing the world FAR and NEAR — Coghlan’s Kid Binoculars 2 Comments

If you're thinking summer has past you by and there's no time left to get up and enjoy some great hikes, think again. Fall is the VERY BEST time of year to get out hike and explore the canyons. The heat is over, the crisp, cool temps feel great when you're trekking up a mountainside.  No more sweating under your hat and carrying a gallon of Read more