Looking for new ways to consume cannabis? We’ve got you covered

After marijuana stopped being classified as a Schedule 1 Drug in 2018, more and more people got curious about its use. It has now been legalized in more than 11 states, not only for medicinal use but also for recreational purposes. A lot of research has been conducted on the use of marijuana as a potential treatment for a ton of ailments. With this news, people are now curious about new and different ways to smoke. The options are nearly limitless. We have curated a list of some of the best ways to burn down your strain.

Use a vape

This might just be the most preferred way to smoke for at least 20% of the stoner population. This is considered the healthiest way to get stoned since this means simply just inhaling the vapor of your bud, instead of smoke. These barely have any smell and give a great and mellow high. Did you know that these were invented in order to offer tobacco smokers a healthier option? Vaping your weed makes it burn at a lower temperature, which helps retain its flavor profile along with a lot of its ingredients that would otherwise burn out. The con of this is that vape pens are usually expensive.

Try a bong

Any true stoner can swear by the power of their bong. If you want a sure-shot way to get really high, really quick, a bong will be your best friend. It uses a very small quantity of your product to get you blazed in no time. And if you do not want to get such a huge investment, try considering a bubbler. These babies are a cross between a pipe and a bong. They are easy to carry if you are someone who loves to smoke outdoors. You can even get cool glass hammer bubblers that change color! These are perfect for people who are always on the go. 


Blunts are the perfect way for getting high when you are in a spontaneous situation. These are easy to role and super simple as well. These are similar to joints, except for the fact that they do not have anything inside except for marijuana. These are also rolled with cigar papers instead of any rolling paper. These can hold more cannabis than a plain joint and the cigar wrap makes it burn extremely slow.


You might have heard of concentrates by many different names, bud, shatter, wax, and even BHO. these are extracted from the buds and have almost 70-75% of THC. in order for you to compare, some of the best buds have 20-30% THC in them. These small things pack quite a punch. You would need a blowtorch and a dab rig to smoke these bad boys. This is a pure and long-lasting high, which is why it is preferred by many.

There are a ton of ways to smoke, consume or ingest weed. Edibles, gravity bongs, apples, gas masks, hookah, G-pen, and many more. If you haven’t already, try some of these out to see which ones you prefer.

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