How to Make Money Blogging

I love to blog. It’s clear. Have you looked around? I love to share valuable and interesting content to help other moms learn how to get outdoors and enjoy sunshine and nature with their children. I love to offer useful tips for travel and family-friendly hacks. We’ve seen so many incredible places and done lots of exciting things. But did you know that blogging can make you money? I learned that early on and decided to monetize my blog in different ways. The great thing is that there are about as many ways to monetize as there are kinds of blogs, so these are just some of the top ways to make money blogging. Take notes, if you need an app you can find one at https://evernote.com/features/notes-app.

Create Products

One of the best ways to make money is to sell something. Whether you create branded t-shirts, stickers, art, or something else, you can make money from your blog by selling a product you create. The sky’s the limit. Try and pick something that suits the theme of your blog. If you write about winter extreme sports, then a beanie might be a great product, whereas a tank top might be better for a beach-themed blog.  

Make a Membership Program

People love to belong to something, and they love access to exclusive content. You’d be amazed at what you can do with a membership program. Anything from teaching a series on how-to garden to creating lessons on graphic design or personal finance. The sky’s the limit. A membership program helps people to connect to your content in smaller and more manageable chunks and if done right can also give them access to a community of like-minded people.

Use Affiliate Links

Have you ever gone on a post and found links embedded throughout the written content? It’s likely that at least some of these links are affiliate links. Don’t be scared. It just means that the blogger found a useful or helpful product and wants to share it with you. When you purchase it through the link, they make a tiny bit off the sale.

Google AdSense

Some bloggers like to use these in the beginning to earn a little extra money while they build their following. Once they grow and can offer some of the other money-making ventures, they may or may not stop using Google ads. Each blogger has a different strategy and for some, Google ads are part of their long-term solution for making money while they blog.

Start a Coaching Program

Coaches are incredible people. They have a skill or an area of expertise and they use it to coach individuals through a specific process to learn it themselves. Or they are there to help walk individuals through lifestyle changes like health and wellness coaches. While they are not nutritionists, they are knowledgeable in a certain area and can offer plans, tips, tools and more to help people eat a certain way. Other coaches are life coaches and business coaches that can help you get over a specific challenge you’re facing. Whatever the case may be, bloggers often leverage their skills to become coaches where appropriate.

Create WordPress Themes

If you love to manage your WordPress site and you’ve created a beautiful theme, why not sell it? You can easily sell your themes through your blog to make extra cash. It takes the guesswork out of it for newbies and gives you the chance to share your creativity and expertise. Customizable themes are perfect for any new blogger who wants a great look without needing to do all the complicated backend work.

Write Reviews

You can easily make money by reviewing other products, writing about them on your blog and sharing a link for your followers to use. Reviewing products helps you to share your expertise and knowledge as well as get free items and to get paid a little. Sometimes the payment comes as a commission on sales and other times it’s a lump sum just for promoting the product on your blog.

No matter which options you choose, it does take time to create a profitable blog. You’ll be amazed over time at what you can make if you create consistent content that your followers love.

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