How to Generate More Leads with WordPress

Generating leads is one of the most challenging jobs in a business- even the biggest of the companies struggle to gain an audience, and the cost of customer acquisition is high. But, if you are a WordPress website– you might find it a little more than challenging to generate leads as you are most probably a small business and don’t have much to spend on marketing.

So, here the best way to maximize your leads is to generate quality and engaging content for your consumers and build a relationship with them- indulging them in the content. Other than that, there are a few tricks and techniques you can use to make the most out of WordPress-

Place Lead Generation Forms Smartly-

This is just a simple technique, and it can have a considerable impact. You may have many visitors and not many leads if you haven’t used your lead generation forms correctly. These forms are usually emailed sign-up forms, contact forms, or registration forms. You can use these to get the customer’s information and convert them later.

An essential part of using these forms smartly is copywriting- there should be a good pretext leading to the lead generation form to increase the number of sign-ups. Another crucial way to increase the number of fill-ups of the forms is by placing them in the right places.

You can analyze the pages that have the best impact on the customer, the pages most visited by the customer, and even tools that tell you- till where did a customer scroll and which events did he/she exited after. 

Using those statistics, you can spot where the customers are most active and involved in the content, and you can enter your forms there.

Built-in Payments Option-

Payment and security are one of the concerns for WordPress websites. Many of them depend on a third-party payment platform, which seems to reduce the conversion of the audience into customers as it looks unreliable and inconvenient.

Having a built-in payment option on your website can lead to your website being more trustworthy, and the customers will not have to enter their details again and again as the information can be saved.

Even if the customers don’t complete the payment and make a payment profile, the customer’s contact details will remain in the system and come in handy for both you and the customer. 

Leverage comments-

Comments are a very underrated part of the website. It is a platform where you can woo potential customers, solve their problems, and have feedback on improving.

The people commenting are already interested in the content, and all you need to do is- a platform that interests you. It can be by asking for comment notifications or creating a landing page for thanking them for their opinions and giving other suggestions.

Replying or resolving the comment as soon as possible also leaves a significant impact on the customer. 

Make your website faster-

A good experience is always essential for any business. For an online business, making the website faster is one of the significant challenges- if you get to improve the speed of your website, you can eventually impact better on your customers.

Usually, the slower websites have a tremendous bounce rate and have a lesser time/visit. If those numbers can be improved by making the website faster- the number of converted customers and leads can also increase. 


Popups can impact positively as well as negatively. If you have a sudden and abrupt popup, it is probable to have a negative impact on the customer. However, if you place and time your popups right, you can benefit from them.

Exit-intent popups are one such example. These are the popups that appear suitable when the customer is about to leave the website as soon as they press the key for exiting- it reminds them to sign-up, so they don’t forget the website when they need it later.

This simple part can generate a lot of leads for you.


Nothing works to improve the leads better than just improving the quality of the website and the content, but yes, these simple tactics make your website more conversational. You need to treat the visitor as more of a person, and you need to think like you would if you were a customer and what would make you sign-up quickly.

You can visit a bunch of similar websites to judge what they are doing and what works for you- what makes you sign up for them.

Author Bio- Shashank Dubey, a contributor of Wbcom Designs is a blogger and a digital marketer. He writes articles associated with different niches such as WordPress, SEO, Marketing, CMS, Web Design, and Development, and many more. Twitter Handle- Wbcom Designs

Facebook Page- Wbcom Designs 

Email id- shashank@wbcomdesigns.com

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