Clover Tools: The Sewing Basics You Need to Know

When it comes to investing in clover sewing tools you will think of only needles, pins, and scissors. But that is not it. There are so many variants of sewing tools and machine items to choose from that one might often get confused. 

Just look at the items that we have chosen in this basic guide and then find out if you need these basic tools or some advanced variant of it. 


Within the garments and sewing industry this one of the things that you cannot do without. Your list of basic items will begin with a range of pins based on what type of fabric you want to sew. 

You would need the fabric item to hold together in one piece uniformly over a table while you sew along the entire length or breadth of the fabric in a go. 

Pincushion Or A Pin Box

You will need either a pincushion or a box for keeping all your pins. It is also a basic item of your clover sewing tools kit. While choosing the box you can choose to have one with different compartments for segregating various pins. A pin cushion, on the other hand, is a cushion that is made for keeping pins. 

Seam Ripper

A seam ripper is a basic item that you will need for ripping apart a seam or stitch. As you are starting you will find that there is an error during the stitching process. Using scissors is an alternative but then you can damage or cut a hole in the fabric while trying to rip the seam or stitch and this would foil all your hours of hard work. 

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It is one of the safety items on your clover sewing list that prevents your fingers when you are pulling out a needle from layers of fabric within. It is found in the plastic and leather variants. You can also find out the fancier ones that are decorated with stones and jewellery. 

Sewing Needles

A needle is one of the items that should come right at the top of the list but anyways we forgot that.  There are various types and lengths of sewing needles for sewing various fabric items. 

And there is one more thing to know and that is whether you are sewing by hand or using a sewing machine because for each type of sewing there is a separate category of sewing needles. 

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You are going to need scissors alright on your clover sewing list and everyone knows that. Remember that for sewing and stitching there is a separate type of scissors that you will find in any garments or tailor shop. It is known as sewing scissors and is designed to sew faster and easier. A scissor used by a tailor is much different from a kitchen scissor.


Yes, you will need a few items from the shop that will seem to belong to a stationery store. Chalk is needed to draw lines on the piece of cloth. This chalk mark is easy to get rid of just by brushing or dusting away. It does not leave any permanent marks on the dress material. You will also need a pencil and an eraser to draw on the inside of the cloth. You will need a guideline to help you know where you must cut from.

So, this ends our list of basic items for clover sewing tools. Hope you have got your queries answered and will start taking your stitching and sewing classes soon. Make sure to carry your clover sewing tools box though

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