All About the Jackery Explorer 1000

You’re camping in the woods in the middle of nowhere, and your phone dies. You’re now without a means of communication; what do you do? In the event you find yourself in this situation, you want to reach for your generator.

There are many reasons to own a portable generator. When you’re in a pinch, you need one of the best generators around.

For whatever your needs, Jackery has you covered. Here’s a guide to the features of their flagship model, the Jackery Explorer 1000, and its pros and cons.


This bad boy is a compact powerhouse. At its size, it can even power a refrigerator, given that the fridge runs below 1000-watts. Along with it having exceptional power output, here are more pluses you get with the Jackery Explorer 1000:

Excellent Inverter

The Jackery Explorer features a 1000-watt pure sine wave inverter that allows you to plug delicate electronics with your equipment safely. The pure sine wave inverter also allows your electrical motorized power tools and appliances to run more effectively.

Comes With Excellent Customer Service and Warranty

Jackey makes it easy for you to contact them for customer service. Additionally, their generators come with a 2-year warranty. However, the warranty is non-transferable, so be aware of that if you’re considering buying one of their generators used.

Outfitted With 8 Plugin Ports

The Jackery 1000 features three 110v AC ports, two USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and one DC 12V power. With many types of plugin ports, you can power all sorts of devices and equipment.

Operates With Minimal Noise

No more having to deal with loud rumbling or foul smells. Unlike your typical gasoline generator, the Jackery 1000 works quietly even when cooling fans are running to disturb you or anyone around you.


When it comes to this generator, the pros certainly outweigh the cons. Still, there are some possible downsides to having a Jackery 1000 that you may want to consider:

Heavy To Carry Around

The Jackery Explorer weighs in at a hefty 22 pounds. While definitely not the heaviest portable generator on the market, it can still be challenging to lift and transport manually.

Standard Charging Speed

If your Jackery Explorer is dead, you can plug it into your AC unit and expect it to be back at 100 percent in seven hours. The charge time is average compared to other portable generators. This can be either a pro or a con depending on how you look at it.

Despite potential disadvantages, the generator’s high-performing inverter and power capacity make it ideal for meeting your basic power needs.

Still unsure if this generator is for you? Click here to read why the Jackery Explorer 1000 outshines its competition.

Power-up With the Jackery Explorer 1000

Whether you’re preparing for your next camping trip or in need of backup power in case of a rainy day, you need a Jackery Explorer 1000.

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