Travel to Thessaloniki – What to look out for

Thessaloniki, a city that hides thousands of images, smells, tastes and people, is a multicultural society that welcomes hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world every year. A city with a magnificent setting that magnetizes everyone and is an ideal destination for any traveller with a plethora of magical places to visit. But, as in any destination, a traveller should pay due attention to certain things to protect the things he has in his possession, physical integrity, and interchange in general to have a safe and satisfying trip.

Check the operation of your mobile company in the country

At a time when all our activities during our trip revolve around the use of the mobile phone, a special basis should be given to its smooth operation. You should be aware of all the details regarding your mobile company’s operation in the city of Thessaloniki and in general in the country of Greece. What are the charges for calls, messages, and the internet – the basic questions you need to clear not to be over-indebted.

Protect yourself with health insurance

In order not to face the problem of seeking safety and care in the event that something unfortunate happens to you during the trip, make sure you have taken out short-term health insurance abroad before you leave. In this way, you are protected from any danger that can be caused by anything on your trip to the city of Thessaloniki.

Properly secure your hotel room

Violation of hotel rooms is a fairly common phenomenon, but it can be treated very easily. All you have to do is secure your space properly as you leave it and take all those valuables you have brought with you during your trip. Particular attention should be paid to the rooms located on the ground floors of hotels which offer more accessible access to burglars.

Learn to communicate in the local language

Even if your pronunciation is not correct, it is not harmful to learn some typical local language expressions. They will definitely facilitate your transactions with the local Greeks and not make you feel so foreign and inaccessible.

Keep your belongings in safe places

One of the essential tips you will receive anywhere you visit is to keep your belongings in safe and accessible places for yourself. Whether you are talking about a cell phone or a wallet with cash, protecting your valuables will make it difficult for petty thieves, who aim at outside clothing pockets and shoulder bags. So avoid displaying in any way the things of value that you possibly have in your possession.

Make copies of your official documents

To make sure everything goes well, have copies (preferably in colour) of your official documents with you. In fact, place them in a different place from the originals so that in case you lose them, you have some way of proving who you are. In any other case, you will need legal support, especially in cases of offences where you will not be able to defend yourself effectively. By choosing lawyers in Thessaloniki from the reliable office you will ensure a dedicated legal representation, which is fully aware of all Greek legislation, protecting your interests effectively and promptly.

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