How to keep your skin healthy during your trips

Skincare is not only a matter of beauty but also health. As the skin matures, it undergoes changes such as the appearance of the first wrinkles, discolourations and loss of elasticity. All these burdens on your skin are multiplied during a trip, where you are exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays for several hours – especially if you visit a country like Greece -, and your fatigue creates additional damage to your skin. Without spending a lot on cosmetics but with proper nutrition, good sleep, and proper care, you will stop the effects of time and daily fatigue.

Get rid of stress. Adversely affects the skin

Every emotion that upsets your inner balance during the trip, such as the prolonged daily stress, is reflected in the appearance of your skin. Every time you are hypertensive, the levels of cortisol in the blood increase, as a result of which the collagen levels decrease and wrinkles are created. So try to reduce stress during your trip; after all, it is an ideal opportunity to eliminate it, enjoying every moment of your trip. Various skin problems such as acne, eczema, allergies and varicose veins are aggravated when you are overwhelmed by stress. Relax, think positively about what is happening around you and look for laughter in your life.

Sleep well. Sleep nourishes your skin

Sleep nourishes children, but the truth is that it also nourishes the skin. A good night’s sleep helps regenerate cells, produce collagen and restore moisture levels to the skin.

If you do not get enough sleep, your skin looks pale and damaged, even if you used the most expensive face cream. Get at least 8 hours of sleep, and your skin will improve significantly. The face will look brighter, full of vitality and elasticity, without dark circles and bags under the eyes, especially in the case of a trip, where your rest is necessary, to get the right percentages of energy to enjoy every moment of your trip.

Increase the nutrients in your diet

For always fresh and radiant skin, pay attention to your diet. Your skin needs carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and antioxidants. Put lots of fruits and vegetables on your table and drink plenty of water. Water transports nutrients to the skin and removes useless toxins.

Other healthy food choices that contribute to the appearance of the skin are nuts such as almonds, walnuts, whole grains and salmon. Avoid junk food, heavy and spicy meals. Ready-made foods with a complete lack of vitamins will destroy the quality of the skin, while they will add pounds and points exactly where you do not want.

Avoid bad habits and use skin care products

Smoking and alcohol are bad for your skin. Alcohol dehydrates the skin, while smoking reduces blood circulation. Symptoms of dryness, sagging, disturbances in elastin synthesis are the first signs that may appear. Instead, you can lead to the use of face and skin care products, maintaining and protecting the glow of your skin, projecting your true brilliance. The huge range of products that can be found on the market are innovative products with practical use, which can restore your appearance to natural levels. So visit the online store of Foto Pharmacy and discover all those products for every skin type to highlight the beauty that you find inside you.

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