How To Be A Stylish Father This Summer?


It’s incredibly inspiring to take some time out for yourself despite the heavy dad duties and do something extraordinary for your well-being. It creates a great impact on your mental health and generates tremendous energy for your family. 

Summers are incredibly exhausting to actually find the motivation to dress up or do something fun for yourself, especially when you’re a working parent. So this blog is specifically for the amazing dads who are putting in extra efforts to be stylish and cool. 

We see you and appreciate you so much! It is essential to style yourself as it speaks for you and your personality. It speaks volume about yourself, and it’s amusing to create an image that is completely customized to YOUR comfort and preference! 

Being stylish is not only limited to getting dressed. It is getting up-to-date with the era you live in and being mentally forward. Getting styled, no matter how simple or carefree, is impressive, and we will help you guide how to do that properly! 

5 Ways To Be A Stylish Father: 

Here, we will help you with some simple and practical tips, like Dadistry,  to help you be the most stylish father.

  1. Dress According to Summer:

Who on earth loves going extra on summers with heavy clothing and extra details? We know that we don’t! Keep your body relaxed, and allow your skin to breathe by wearing skimpy outfits. It not only makes you feel free and relaxed but also keeps your body safe from acne, sweating, and exhaustion. 

Fabrics like cotton, lawn, or seersucker make a great fashion statement without making your body beg for some air. Pair a couple of light shorts with short-sleeved, button-down cotton shirts, and you’re good to go looking amazing for a whole week!

  1. Stock Up On Summer Shoes:

Summer shoes are a significant fashion statement in hot weather conditions since it allows your feet to breathe and make you look chic. There a lot of varieties when it comes to summer shoes, like flip-flops, sandals, etc.

Also, make sure to wear shoes that aren’t covering your feet a lot and are open from the front. You can easily pair flip-flops with any beachwear, like shorts or a button-up shirt, or sandals with a pair of cotton shirt and pants. 

Invest in good pairs of summer shoes that don’t cost a lot and last a long time. Flip flops are also great to wear anywhere from beaches to your nearby grocery store. 

If you’re into jogging or sports, invest in good-quality sneakers. They look incredibly stylish and suit your summer look ideally. 

  1. Get That Haircut You’ve Been Eying:

Summers are harsh enough on their own. One needs to style their look according to weather and its coordination with their bodies. Getting a haircut in summers is essential to have your head feel lighter, stylish, and up-to-date with your latest hairstyle. 

Groom your facial hair as well to avoid excessive sweating, and feel relaxed. Some cool haircuts for this summer can be as simple as a high fade with textured hair on top or a spiked side part with a high fade. These hairstyles look perfect for summers and incredibly appealing to the eyes.

 A haircut like this would make you the stylish father in the room. Also, keep your beard trimmed and neat to shape your face and make you look very stylish. Clean looks appeal the most in summers. 

  1. Keep Darker Colors On Hold For Now:

We know you love black! We all do. But it’s not precisely an excellent idea to go for dark colours in summers as they can make you feel hotter. This summer, go for lighter or pastel colours to not only feel fresh but look great too. 

You can pair a cute pastel-coloured cotton shirt with any preferred plain shorts or pants, and you’re good to go! Wearing darker colours will make you feel suitable for a short time, but the heat will bother you later.

Want to know a secret? White never goes out of style. Be it a business meeting, a party, a class, or simply a day out with family, a classic white button-up shirt in any summer fabric steals the show. You can pair it with literally any nude or dark coloured pants, and your outfit is complete. 

  1. Dress According To Your Age: 

Being stylish doesn’t mean you have to be in your 20s or 30s. You can be in your 50s or 60s and be more fashionable than anyone else in the room. The secret to style is all about how you carry yourself and the comfort you feel in your dressing. 

Do not go out of your comfort zone unless that’s what you want. Keep yourself updated on the latest trends, and of course, the weather. Just take care of the basic things which makes you YOU, and you’ll be good to go. Embrace the fashion which is appropriate for your age and suits your personality. 

Going for aggressive prints or ridiculous bright colour combinations won’t bring out the best in you, so take your time in finding your style. The right style brings out a certain grace in your personality and style. Be proud of how old you are and how well you can carry yourself. By doing that, you will be the best among everyone out there.

To Sum It Up:

Being a father, you already are a superhero. All the tips and tricks mentioned above will only help you amp up your style a bit. The rest is all YOU, your aura,  and how you carry yourself. Just be mindful of what you like and what makes you comfortable, and you’ll be good to go. This summer, we are more than excited to see you be the most stylish dad in the room! 

Author Bio: About Ashley Rosa: Ashley Rosa is a freelance writer and blogger. As writing is her passion that why she loves to write articles related to the latest trends in technology and sometimes on health-tech as well. She is crazy about chocolates.You can find her at twitter: @ashrosa2

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