Five Ways to Travel on a Budget

We’re sick of the pandemic for a lot of reasons, but the main one is that we can’t go anywhere or do anything. So many people are itching to travel. But times are tough. The economy is uncertain. People have been out of work and on unemployment. There have been high levels of depression and anxiety. Everyone wants a break, a vacation, or to experience something new. If you want to travel but want to be conservative about your budget, you have plenty of options to get it done and have the time of your life.

Travel Somewhere Cheap

When you’re thinking about going somewhere but don’t want to spend top-dollar, think about which of your options will be less expensive. Going camping is relatively cheap but if you aren’t an outdoors person choosing a mid-sized city to spend your vacation or a resort in the desert will satisfy, providing the relaxation you need. Great options for city vacations in the United States are Nashville, Denver, Austin, and others.

Even cheaper than cities in the US are countries where the United States dollar is strong. Southeast Asia is a great option. Not only are the countries in this region cheap to be in, the flights are cheaper. Thailand has had some of the lowest COVID-19 rates in the world, with only around 1,300 deaths at the time this was written. Travel in a country like Thailand can be less expensive than traveling in the United States and certainly cheaper than most of Europe. If you’re dying to go to Europe, Greece is one of the most affordable options.

Co-Live with Others

Another way to travel cheaply is to spend more time in a place and co-live with others. This might entail leaving the home that you rent or own and living in a place you’re traveling for a while. Choose a place that you can use as an inexpensive travel hub to go to other countries and cities. 

The phenomenon of coliving has arisen out of a need to provide cheap rent for people who are starting out in a city or want to find an inexpensive place to live for a few months. Not only does coliving offer a great way to budget your accommodations, you will meet people who can tell you about what to do and see in the area.

Stay in Hostels

As people get vaccinated and become comfortable with staying in a place with a lot of people again, hostels will return. They are so much cheaper than hotels and even bed and breakfasts. They are typically the most affordable option for a bed to sleep in and communal accommodations. If you’re up for meeting new people and sharing bathrooms and kitchens, hostels are a great option to plan a trip on a budget.

Think About When to Go

If your schedule is flexible, compare rates on specific times and choose the cheaper option. Flights, hotel prices, and other traveling expenses vary a lot depending on the time of year and where you’re going. Of course the holiday season is the most popular time in the world to travel but you should also think about the local holidays, which will increase the prices all-around. Plan ahead and you will be able to take a great vacation, trip, or adventure on a budget.

We all want to get out into the world and experience something new. We’ve been stuck in our homes and want to go somewhere we’ve never been but most of us have experienced financial troubles over the last year. Even if you are doing fine financially, the economy is uncertain and it will take a long time for us to make a full comeback.

Even still, if you need a break there is no substitute. Some need inspiration. Others want to relax. Whatever it is you’re looking for in this world, you can find it if you work hard, plan ahead, and take every step to make the trip of a lifetime more affordable. Think outside the box and you will be able to create the most memorable journey that will motivate you to continue the grind of post-pandemic life. 

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