Fashionable Birthday Gifts for Moms

Shopping for birthday gifts can be daunting if the person you’re shopping for already has everything she could possibly want and need. However, even though your mum might not need much, there are always fashion items that will sweep her off her feet if she was lucky enough to get them for her birthday. Does your mom enjoy putting together fashionable ensembles when she goes out? If she’s still spot on with all the trends, then feel free to look into some of the fabulous fashion-related birthday gifts and leave her in awe.

A chic bag

That’s it, I have enough shoes and bags for a lifetime, said no woman ever. So, if you’re wondering whether you should get your mom another tote, a satchel or a crossbody bag, the answer is Yes, by all means. That is especially true for women who actually love to have a variety of black bags, or beige handbags, for instance. Some women don’t even care if their entire accessory assortment is in one colour. As long as they have different sizes and styles, they’ll be fine with it. So, no need to brainstorm about colours. Get her a bag in her favourite colour, and she’ll be eternally grateful. 

Surprise her with shoes

Considering no woman will ever have enough shoes, the next obvious choice for your mom’s birthday could be footwear. Has she been eyeing some of the newest boots or sandals for the summer? Maybe she’ll be attending an important event soon, and she could use a pair of classic pumps. Either way, try to find out what type of shoes she could benefit from in the near future. If nothing comes to mind, simply start a conversation with her about you shopping for yourself and discover if she wants something similar.

Jewellery never fails

Jewellery has the power to make every outfit look luxurious and elegant. All you need to do is pick the right pieces to achieve the desired effect. With luxurious lockets made of silver, 18k gold or sapphire, you’ll offer your mom a bespoke experience on her happy day. You can even choose from a variety of sizes and styles such as petite and slim locket designs, or infinity lockets with diamonds and even two-tone lockets. Aside from lockets, consider gifting your mom a bracelet, a pair of earrings or a delicate necklace. With a fashionable timepiece, your mom will look fashionable and chic.

Consider accessories

From hats to scarves, gloves and belts, accessories can also be an option to consider. Does your mom like silk scarves? Go for the one in bold pattern or colour to wear with her monochromatic outfits. A winter hat will keep her warm and stylish when the temperature goes below zero. When was the last time she invested in a quality wallet? If you can’t even remember, and you know that her current one is dingy and outdated, there’s an opportunity to make her birthday even better with a useful and fashionable birthday gift. In addition, a stretch head wrap will look super cute on her as she runs errands or doing some chores. What’s more, she can wear it to the beach or when she’s out and about.

A vintage piece will delight her

Moms love vintage clothes, home accessories and anything that screams early 20th century. So, take a look at those vintage shops and look for a gift that will dazzle your mom. How about a vintage blazer? Maybe you’ve spotted a set of cutleries or a tea set that she always imagined having. A vintage pair of sunglasses with a shabby chic chain attached to them will certainly be something your mom would appreciate for years to come. 

Nightwear for sweeter dreams

Aside from being fashionable during the day, many women love to sleep in stylish pieces as well. If your mom is one of those women, then feel free to get her silk pyjamas. Match it with trendy silk or thicker robe and a pair of slippers to keep her comfy during her bedtime routine. Throw in a sleep mask to match the pyjamas, and your mom will be ready for a whole night of sweet dreams.

Final thoughts

Picking out your mom’s birthday present doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just make sure you know her taste in fashion, and you can buy her the best gift she’s ever gotten. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose from our list of gifts, so feel free to browse and opt for some of our ideas. 

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