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Golf is a special sport that focuses more on the players’ endurance, concentration, and general rhythm. Crazy golf, on the other hand – as its name suggests – focuses solely on entertaining players. You do not need to have the necessary skills of an experienced golfer to participate in this game. You also do not need to cross the vast expanses of greenery to achieve your goal. 

All you have to do is avoid all those imaginative obstacles, which make the process of the game even more fun. Themed spaces decorated with dragons, dinosaurs and all kinds of tropical animals promise a lot of thrills for young and old friends of the game in the city of London. But what are those spaces that stand out among the dozens of options and things to see in London provided to you? Let’s find out!

Swingers, West End

This is not yet an ordinary venue for crazy golf. Swingers is a premium venue to enjoy your most memorable and fun moments busy with this fun game. Inside its facilities, one can find four crazy golf courses, each of which promises different emotions. During your game, you can enjoy the refreshing cocktails of your choice as well as delicious food dishes. Swingers offer a complete exit proposal for you and your loved ones. Do not miss the opportunity to visit it.

Junkyard Golf Club

In this utterly youthful space, filled with the uplifting melodies of the speakers, the neon lights, the graffiti and the fantastic crazy golf courses, most of the young people of the city spend endless hours of play and socializing. Theme-influenced blockbuster movies and pop culture products are sure to catch everyone’s eye. With fantastic prices on all drinks, this place is much more than just another venue for crazy golf; it is a place where people gather to relax, laugh and be filled with happiness.

Jurassic Falls Adventure Golf

London’s most adventurous venue for crazy golf, of course, caters to all ages. An ideal place to welcome groups of friends, families, and couples to support this wonderful game capable of creating fantastic memories. The place is full of enormous dinosaurs that “come to life” through your own game and transport you to a distant era, where our world was quite different. The sounds of dinosaurs are heard throughout the venue, creating a great experience that you have definitely not experienced before. In the area, crazy golf lessons are delivered for those who come in contact for the first time with toys and information about the dinosaur era. Still thinking about booking your seats?

Plonk Crazy Golf

Plonk Crazy Golf has played a significant role in spreading the word throughout London with different venues throughout the city. His latest addition is a lovely outdoor courtyard in a comfortable private courtyard overlooking London Fields Park in Hackney. An ideal place for play and safety, observing all safe, sanitary measures. The game offered by this space has no age limit and can be played by people of all ages and abilities. The space allows the play of teams of up to 6 people. So gather your family and start a non-stop game of laughter and fun.

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