Mothers in the modern work landscape

Never in the history of the world have working mothers had so many job opportunities with the advent of remote work. The development and evolution of technology but also the new needs that it creates – a circle that is increasingly opening in its periphery, significantly benefit the woman who is trained in the new era. It does not mean a young working mother who is technologically illiterate. If you are one of those who do not like technology, you owe it to yourself and your children to take the plunge and embrace the new data valid in the labour market. What will make you competitive in finding a job, of course, is adaptability and the absolute will to develop. But let’s take a closer look at the position of working mothers in the modern work landscape.

The statistics

According to surveys, working mothers are around 70% (as an average of working mothers in any form of work in the European Union). There is a general increase in all relevant statistics after the intensification of the effects of the last economic crisis. The numbers of mothers entering the workplace are increasing as the age of their children increases. The data vary depending on the legal framework around the institutionalization of parental leave (maternity leave) that exists in each country.

Many working mothers, especially those with younger children, prefer to work part-time or in flexible working hours. This allows them to have an income without sacrificing all the time they want to spend with the children and the time they need to invest in maintaining their home.

Jobs that offer new opportunities

Digital Communication

If you have a background in marketing, undertaking a part-time or remote collaboration with companies and freelancers to manage their digital communication is an excellent solution for working mothers. This direction requires a great deal of familiarity with digital social media platforms and their data analysis. Again, due to the radical changes in the use of digital media in the midst of a pandemic, many entrepreneurs are entering the digital space for the first time, which is increasing the demand in this job sector.

Copywriting / Editing / Translations

For working mothers coming from the field of creative writing, copywriting, editing or translation work are solutions with flexible working hours. Whether hired by a marketing company or as a freelancer, such jobs give the opportunity to choose the volume of work and the way of cooperation (flat rate, per project, etc.).

Graphic design services

Another creative direction job that offers flexibility to Working mothers. Consider working with a marketing or development company to produce projects on a more stable basis. And this sector is booming due to the market shift in the digital display of services and products. Like texting, graphic design can be done remotely and on a project basis through freelancing platforms.

Call Center / Support

For several years, several companies prefer outsourcing its call centres to external companies that manage them with employees who work remotely. Such options usually involve a stricter schedule, as they move in shifts of specific schedules.


It may seem like a more unique and artistic choice, but this particular job offers many opportunities for development and growth. Voice acting is a creative profession where you create various audio pieces of content for advertising, promotional and entertainment purposes and receive a reasonably satisfactory fee for your services. A profession that has been associated with the entertainment scene for decades, and now, through technological progress, you can practice it from the comfort of your home. With the purchase of basic recording and mixing equipment, you can now create your own audio tracks that will communicate with the general public without any hassle. So if you are interested in joining this industry, you can visit the voquent.com website and look for one of the thousands of jobs offered by this voice acting agency to let your voice be heard (literally).

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