How Does Sight Change After Pregnancy

The changes that take place in the body of a pregnant woman often affect the vision. So, be informed about everything that happens around your eyes during pregnancy. During pregnancy, a number of changes take place in most parts of a woman’s body. So why keep your eyes peeled? The latter are often recipients of changes, mainly in terms of vision, due to hormonal changes that occur in the body. For this reason, it is essential to do all the necessary prenatal examinations and, of course, without forgetting the precious and sensitive eyes which are windows in our world.


Pre-existing myopia may change during pregnancy. As a result, the pregnant woman realizes that her visual acuity has decreased from the very first weeks of pregnancy. An increase in myopia of up to a degree is often observed compared to the degrees before conception. In this case, you need to consult a doctor to advise you on how to deal with this problem and inform you why it occurred. The exact aetiology of myopia changes remains unknown; however, it is related to the increase in corneal thickness, changes in the tear layer, and the presence of corneal oedema during pregnancy.

Of course, we have to say that there is a myth around the issue of myopia as when it occurs, many pregnant women believe that pregnancy is responsible for its creation. In many cases, however, these women had myopia before pregnancy, to a minimal degree which was almost unnoticed. So, with the changes that pregnancy brings about and with the increase of myopia, a woman immediately understands the difference in her vision, believing that pregnancy is responsible for myopia.

So, for you and your doctor to be sure of your health condition, check your eyes regularly. By visiting a doctor like Aris Konstantopoulos of Aris Vision Correction, you ensure more excellent protection and safety from any disease and complication in your vision. However, because the vision changes are primarily temporary and are usually restored after childbirth, it will be good to have patience until after childbirth, when we will have new data.

If contact lenses are used, it is essential to know that changes in the tear duct and cornea can make contact lenses challenging to apply, especially hard lenses. Also, because the cornea’s sensitivity decreases during pregnancy, the application of contact lenses becomes more dangerous because a minor injury or an infection (keratitis) becomes more challenging to detect.

Gestational diabetes

Diabetes (high blood sugar) can affect the eyes and eyesight during pregnancy and can either occur for the first time during pregnancy or worsen in a pregnant woman who had diabetes before conception.

Studies have shown that diabetic retinopathy, i.e. the lesions of the fundus lesions due to high blood sugar, worsens during pregnancy. The fastest development depends on the stage of the bottom lesions before pregnancy. Women with diabetic macular oedema and generally with relatively advanced diabetic retinal lesions also experience more significant deterioration during pregnancy. However, regression of the lesions has been observed after childbirth.

It is essential that their ophthalmologist closely monitors women, that their blood sugar is appropriately regulated and in some cases treated for lesions if a woman’s vision is at risk.

Preeclampsia – Eclampsia – Hypertensive pregnancy

Gestational hypertension (preeclampsia-eclampsia) can cause eye disorders and usually occurs from the 20th week of pregnancy onwards. In severe cases, conditions such as blurred vision, visual disturbances, and diplopia may occur. Clinically, hypertensive retinal lesions may be seen, such as narrowing of blood vessels, microbleeds on the bottom, exudates, or even swelling of the optic nerve. In severe forms of preeclampsia or eclampsia, serous retinal detachment may occur, usually resolved after delivery.

Early diagnosis and treatment of preeclampsia are critical, as blood pressure regulation results in the remission of symptoms, both systemic and ocular. In some cases of eclampsia, immediate cesarean section is necessary to improve the woman’s health.

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