Features To Look For While Buying Dahua 4mp IP Camera

Security surveillance is a major issue not only in commercial spaces but in private spaces as well. While earlier surveillance revolved primarily around CCTV, IP cameras are becoming more popular in the market these days. IP camera is a form of digital camera which derives its name from the technology that operates it, namely Internet Protocol (IP) networks. This type of camera does not require analogue electric signals. Since these cameras work through IP networks, they are often termed network cameras. IP cameras are a revolutionary advancement for security system management and can operate independently. Built-in minicomputer helps these cameras to operate both in centralized mode as well as decentralized mode. Dahua 4mp IP camera has evolved as a popular security management device, which can be operated through an NVR system as well as accessible independently through your networking device. This means you can use these advanced IP cameras for decentralized as well as centralized security monitoring.

  • IP cameras operating in centralized mode are connected to Network Video Recorder (NVR) and it is monitored through this network. And at the same time, it can also communicate within the connected network devices. The connectivity can be through Ethernet network cables or even through Wi-Fi. 
  • However, in the decentralized mode, it operates independently without being connected to an NVR system. Each camera works through its own IP address and can be accessed on any other device through LAN. 

Plan to Buy. 

When you are planning to install security cameras in your business or workplace, or even at your house, you need to consider a few things. When you choose to set Dahua 4mp IP camera outdoor, select either bullet style cameras or eyeball cameras as they offer maximum flexible coverage all around. It is essential to correctly position the camera for effective monitoring. At the same time, you must also explore the various features. Here are some of the most essential and useful ones. 

Industry Standard IP protocols support

IP cameras work based on industrial standards, which are ONVIF and RTSP protocols. If you invest in either ONVIF or RTSP, you can be sure about seamless compatibility with an NVR system or other devices. 


Connectivity and network establishment through Ethernet cables come with some disadvantages. Firstly, you need your NVR system device to be within a convenient range so that the cable can reach it. Secondly, wires inevitably bring a messy look. Both can be avoided with the Power-over-Ethernet feature. Even Wi-Fi connectivity also eliminates the unwanted use of cables and wires across the room. 


Though not very essential for indoor installations, you need to look for IP66 IP camera models for outdoors. This ensures you have an additional weatherproof coating over the camera body. 

Although IP cameras are available in many resolution ranges, 4 Mega Pixel happens to be the mainstream standard these days. This resolution secures clear vision, crisp picture quality. Besides that, even if you are particularly investing in the Dahua 4mp IP camera, look for the ones which come with an integrated SD card slot. You can also dig into the memory capacity provided. While most standard models come with 128GB storage capacity, others have higher storage. 

Again, if you plan of installing IP cameras in areas with a poor light source, you need to invest in cameras with integrated infra-red lights.  Hence, you can look for a low-light sensitive camera or one with night vision mode in IP cameras. The features mentioned in the article are essential when you are trying to establish a reliable security maintenance system. 

5 Advantages of a Dahua 4mp IP camera has over Analogue CCTV options by Leeway Security and Automation

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