Alzheimer’s Care: Top 10 Tips to Promote Brain Health

Alzheimer’s is a disease that can cause diminishing cognitive capacity. It affects the motor, mental, and even physical aspects of one person. Symptoms of people having this illness manifest by their memory loss, language muddle, and unsure behavior.

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How to care?

People with Alzheimer’s disease need a lot of patience from their caregivers and family members. People with Alzheimer’s are categorized as mild, moderate, and severe cases. The treatment depends on the severity of the case.

Though the etiology of how a person attains this disease is still unknown, some find therapeutic care methods in patients with Alzheimer’s disease. Let us look at the tips below for more understanding and try to practice them.

1. Exercise

Exercise can promote circulation. One reason Alzheimer’s disease happens is the lack of proper circulation in our brains. When we engage in physical activities, it increases blood flow in the brain and the body.

Since most people with Alzheimer’s are people of the old age group, it is likely to give exercises according to our capacity. Types of exercise to suit us are brisk walking, lightweight lifting, and slow static running.

2. Improve your diet

People with Alzheimer’s experience losing weight because even the stomach forgets that they are hungry. It is then essential to always keep ourselves hydrated to prevent electrolyte imbalance. Water should always be ready on our hands. A container with calibration is a must to check how much water we consumed per day.

Another effect of Alzheimer’s is the loss of olfactory and taste sense. It has lost the sense of smell and the taste of food. Even if someone gives us sweet food, we can no longer distinguish the taste. It is, therefore, a need to eat nutritious food like fruits and vegetables. Also, fibrous foods should be on the list to promote regular bowel movement.

When we eat, it should always be on every same time routine. Utensils should never be the fragile ones because patients are prone to accidents, but at least they should be colorful. The sense of sight may also diminish because of aging. The most important thing is to choose food that can easily be digested.

3. Keep your mind stimulated

To promote proper brain functioning, it is essential to keep it in a grind. It is possible by increasing the imagination, which can lessen the possibility of memory loss. Thus, reading and hobbies like planting, owning a companion pet, writing and others can help. Socialization is also a big help to open oneself.

4. Spend a moment meditating

Besides improving well-being, there has been research that meditation reduces the severity of people with Alzheimer’s. There are various forms of meditation we can attend. However, some preferred Yoga and praying. Having a balance with nature can give us uplifting moments. And prayer can provide us with hope and purpose to hold.

5. Brain games

Games never have to be difficult to task for people with Alzheimer’s. Games to perform should not include cognitive functioning. Games like board games of chess, snakes and ladder, monopoly, battleship, and others. Card games like poker, solitaire, hearts, and blackjack. Even Rubik’s cube and Soduko filling is also a trusted remedy for Alzheimer’s.

6. Take music lessons

Part of meditation is music. People with Alzheimer’s get irritated when they hear loud music. This is because loud music irritates their brain activity. It is, therefore, to include music in your playlist that will suit your brain.

Music lessons can uplift our behavior. You can take beginner guitar, piano, and violin lessons. Even voice lessons are suitable for our vocal cords. It maximizes our lung capacity and increases oxygen in our body. Besides, it is never too old to learn something new piece of music.

7. Art therapy

When some of us are not inclined toward music, others prefer to venture with art lessons. Patients with mild Alzheimer’s disease had tendencies for involuntary movements. Holding pencils, crayons, and paints can improve these movements. Motor reflexes improves when we paint. And the sense of eyesight improves through the use of different colors.

8. Memory box/ Memory book

We all know that the first sign of having Alzheimer’s is forgetfulness. This is the sad truth about this disease. To prolong our memories and loved ones, we can do a memory box or memory book. Memory box contains materials that have special significance in our lives. This may include dress, wedding ring, photo albums, and today even videos to present. A memory book contains written messages of your loved ones. They include photos in the book.

Whichever you prefer, it is always best to be prepared for this memory grabber illness.

9. Be social

To survive depression from this disease is to be sociable. Socialization allows you to express your emotions and frustrations. You never know when you will forget your relatives’ names or your friends. Even their memories may be erased in just a day. That is why socialization is a must.

10. Sleep tight

Last, is to sleep tight. Having Alzheimer’s can make us forget about time. With this, we ought to be awake in the evening without even knowing when to sleep. Not being able to have a good sleep will aggravate our memory capacity. Enough sleep of 8-10 hours allows our brain to rest and heal. This process prevents further damage to our neurons.

To promote good sleep, a routine time to sleep is necessary. Make an alarm about what time we will sleep. If we cannot sleep, try different processes like avoiding coffee or caffeine 4 hours before sleep. Getting the correct lighting in the room. And have some music or incense to make you fall asleep on time.


We may experience various changes in our moods when we know that we have Alzheimer’s. But always look for a brighter tomorrow. You may look for a caregiver for yourself. Be strong and have a support system. However, self-care is the vital key in surviving this illness.

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