When Do You Need a Periodontal Dentist in Tarzana, California?

Tarzana is a beautiful neighborhood in Los Angeles, California; its urban lifestyle, with fancy coffee shops and parks, compels young professionals to make it their home. 

However, the median age in Tarzana is around 44, with about 16% of the total population being between 65 to 84. And with age comes health issues, including gum problems.

Dentist working in dental clinic with patient in the chair.

Thus, it becomes essential to take proper dental care from a young age, and the best way is to consult experts of dentistry Tarzana California, particularly periodontal dentists. They specialize in treating tissues that affect your gums and bones in your mouth. Here are a few scenarios when it is advisable to consult a periodontal dentist in Tarzana, California.

Bleeding Gums

Living in California, the 5th largest producer of apples in the country, you would have access to top-quality apples in Tarzana.

But, at times, you might have unexplained bleeding while consuming such food items or during your dental care routine.

See if you find your brush tinted pink after brushing, or you spit blood when you brush or floss. These are signs indicating that you need to refer a qualified periodontal dentist. 

Leading specialists suggest inflammation as the possible cause for bleeding if they find your gums tender to the touch.

Teeth Feel Loose

While 32.4% of the male population in Tarzana is 55 and above, 34.2% of the female population belongs to this age bracket.

As you age, gradually, the bones in your mouth start thinning and can endure serious infections, causing your teeth to loosen. If your teeth feel loose, it is advisable to schedule an appointment with a periodontal dentist.

Top periodontal experts of dentistry in Tarzana, California, suggest a thorough examination as teeth loosening can be an early sign of underlying bone damage.

Bad Breath

With tourist attractions like Chabad of the Valley and El Caballero Country Club, Tarzana has become an upcoming tourist destination, worth a visit. But when you work in industries like tourism, your personality and grooming can make all the difference. And maintaining a good breath is one of the essential steps to please your potential clients.

When you have bad breath, which continues even when you follow a rigorous oral hygiene routine, it could indicate an infection in the gum tissues. Qualified professionals check for periodontitis, gingivitis and look for signs of holes in your teeth to proceed with the proper treatment.

Receding Gum Line

Gums naturally recede with age, but brushing too hard can injure your gums tissues, making your gums recede. You will observe your teeth to be a little longer, a sign of gum recession due to periodontal disease. 

Based on the diagnosis of your gum recession, a periodontal dentist can advise on the appropriate treatment. A periodontal dentist can help you, as they will check for signs of potential later-stage diseases that can further affect your jawbone, thus avoiding possible teeth loss.

Final Thoughts

Like in the rest of California, 15% of Tarzana’s residents often find difficulty while chewing food, leading to different bite patterns. It again points to specific issues related to your gums.

If you have any of the gum problems mentioned above, discuss them with an experienced periodontal dentist. You can then get the appropriate treatment, thus ensuring you lead a healthy life without worrying about potential gum diseases.

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