Schedule These 4 Plans To Make Your Home A Healthy Place

Home is the healthiest place on the planet. But, what if you do not pay attention to its cleaning, can you still say the same. On the same side, we care about your hectic schedule. When you have a hard time managing things between busy personal and professional life. 

Therefore, we came up with 4 sets of house cleaning plans for your assistance. Add them to your life and create a home healthiest place for you, your kids, and your pet. We have split these plans into every day, weekly, monthly, and on a seasonal basis. Let’s know more about them;

  1. Every day House Cleaning Plans

When you are making everyday house cleaning plans, just add a few details to your list. You will feel more relaxed and enjoy your place. Here we have a list of regular house chores for you;

  • Do not leave your bedroom before making your bed. It will take 5 minutes only, but it will give you mental peace whenever you enter the room.
  • Do not keep dishes for a long time in the dishwasher, remove them when its process is over or before leaving your kitchen.
  • When you are in the kitchen, clean the kitchen shelf as you finish cooking. This is a good habit and saves the home from spreading bacterias.
  • Do not keep the trash at home for a longer time. Remove it every day and save home from the dirty smell.
  1. Weekly House Cleaning Plans

Under the weekly plans, you can set targets for cleaning appliances and other major household details. Here we have some details for your help;

  • Set a time to scrub the toilet and bathroom. You can also divide responsibilities between family members. 
  • As covid-19 is raging, therefore, try to mop your home regularly. It is safe for you and your family.
  • Clean all your home appliances such as fridge, TV, washing machine, and electric fireplace. 
  • Make a checklist of some common tasks such as cleaning mirrors, dusting furniture, and changing linens in your home.    
  1. Monthly House Cleaning Plans
  • Clean the inside of your home appliances once a month. In this list, you can add all major and minor appliances such as a toaster machine, refrigerator, electric fireplace, etc. For instance, if you want difficulty regarding how to remove screen on electric fireplace for better cleaning, click here. You will get every detail. Similarly, you can find information for every device on the internet.
  •  Some of the other tasks involve window, door cleaning, disinfecting garbage cans, scrub backsplash/grouts, and vacuum baseboards and vents.
  1. Seasonally House Cleaning Plans

There are some of the house chores that you can plan seasonally. Therefore, there is no need to take the burden or add them to the list of regular cleaning. These involve;

  • Clean your pantry, washing blinds, carpets, and curtains, etc.
  • When you are well managed for maintaining a closet regularly, clean it occasionally, especially when the season gets changed.
  • Shredding paper also helps you to enjoy a cleaned house, so add it to your seasonal list.

Hope the following in your schedule helps you to enjoy a clean and disinfected place. Moreover, making a checklist won’t put a burden on your hectic schedule.

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