Learn How to Layer for Fall Like a Pro

Each season has its charms. Fall, for example, is rich in warm colors and abundant in scents such as pumpkin and cinnamon. It is also rich in terms of fashion. Because layering is key when it comes to fall. The frequent and unexpected weather changes require us to be practical and ready for both cold and warm moments. Scroll down for some stylish and practical advice that will make your fall outings easier and make you love this season if you already don’t.

Turtlenecks Are Your Friend

At the same time practical and stylish, turtlenecks should be a staple in your closet. Opt for getting a thicker one, so that pairing it with a leather jacket becomes enough for a fall outing. Paired with such an evergreen piece of outerwear, a beige turtleneck will propel you straight into badass Easy Rider territory, while a black one will give you a sleek Parisian look, especially when tastefully paired with fine jewelry. 

Make It Interesting with Fancy Shoes

Another easy option for a quick fashionista look is layering nice shoes, a blazer, and a trench coat. Think about it – a t-shirt featuring your favorite TV show, a pop art image, or a social commentary can easily make people give you a second look, especially if we’re talking about bright, noticeable colors. Look for a tartan trench coat for an interesting pair of women’s shoes online in a muted color to really let you make a statement tee pop.

Reveal What’s Underneath the Dress

Fall in no way means forgoing your dresses and skirts. This doesn’t only apply to the warmer flowy short garments in your closet, but also to those silky slip dresses. There are so many ways you can go with this – you can wear a sweater or a button-down or a long-sleeved shirt with ruffles. It just boils down to good combining and not going overboard with patterns and materials. A metallic snake print slip dress will benefit from a black turtleneck sweater, while a fuchsia blouse with ruffled hems of the arms paired with a simple denim dress will make you look like a fashion know-it-all.

Accessories Are Also Layers

Do you remember that now-iconic image of Lenny Kravitz and his ridiculously ginormous scarf? Laugh all you want, but the guy can layer like a pro. Just kidding, but in all honesty, things like scarfs and hats can do wonders for warmth and style during fall. Some knitted scarfs are so long and wide that you can use them to casually drape them over your shoulders and neck. Anna-Wintour-approved styling and protecting your throat from getting a cold? A double win. Or maybe a thicker wide-brim hat can do the trick – protect your sinuses and decorate your fitted sweater and denim jacket with a statement necklace. Voila, instant style!

Aristocracy Calling

There are those outfits that just evoke Downton Abbey and its stylish inhabitants.  Or a more modern version of them. One of those looks just happens to be a great layered look. Imagine this – a boatneck sweater, but instead of the naked Brooklyn hipster look underneath it, you have a button-down. We feel like we own a yacht just thinking about it. And when it comes to shoes, picture moccasins with chunky gold applications or Mary Janes, add knitted socks to the combo, and you got yourself a killer look that seems like it slipped off right from the pages of Vogue.

Just like the abundance of colors in the fall, the same pattern can be seen in fashion. Layering means more garments than usual. Add to that the richness of textures, colors, combinations, materials, and patterns. What do you get? A whole world of possibilities that will leave you wishing it was fall every day.

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