Is Your Kid A Horse-Lover? 5 Things To Know Before Buying A Horse

Kids often love animals, but you may be in for a surprise if your little one demands a horse rather than a dog or a cat. However, it isn’t an unreasonable demand because horses make great companions for children. Riding an equine has several advantages- your child becomes active and develops empathy.  If you have the resources, you may consider going beyond riding lessons and buying a horse for your child. But it may sound challenging for a mom who knows nothing about equine rearing. We have a list of things you should know before going ahead. 

Test the waters 

Buying a horse can be a hefty investment, so it makes sense to test the waters before you plunge. It could be only a passing whim rather than a long-time commitment for your kid. Arrange riding lessons for them to make sure that they want to do it for the long haul. Spending time with the animal will give the child a fair idea of what it is all about and whether they are ready for the responsibility for a lifetime. 

Choose wisely

Equine shopping can be tricky for mommies, but knowing what you want can make things a tad easier. The temperament of the animal matters the most if you plan to buy it for a young man or woman. It is best to stick to a smaller size and softer temperament because your kid is a first-timer. The animal wouldn’t need a lot of training, and you will not have to worry about safety. 

Consider the expenses

When you plan to buy a horse, think beyond the initial expense to understand whether you can afford it. You will need to spend on equipment and training. There will be recurring costs like diet, healthcare, and shelter. It is easy to be led by your heart and make the decision for the love of your child. But you must be sure that you can afford the recurring expenses for the long haul. 

Understand the responsibility

Buying a horse is not just an expense, it is also a commitment. Regular vet visits and health issues will be a part of your responsibility as a new horse mommy. Read about common equine health issues and treatment options. For example, Cushing’s disease is common in horses, and you can rely on CBD as an alternative therapy. Read https://cbddoghealth.com/can-cbd-help-cushings-disease-in-horses/ to understand how it works. Ensure that you have enough time and bandwidth to deal with these issues amid your mommy duties.

Get the horse vetted

Another piece of advice is to get the animal vetted before you go ahead with the purchase. Vetting involves a series of checks by a professional vet to ensure fitness for purpose. It will make you more confident and comfortable about such a major investment. Moreover, it matters a lot because you will want your child to be safe with a healthy and gentle animal. Look for an experienced equine vet to assess the animal and give a fair idea about its history, fitness, and temperament. 

Buying a horse requires good thinking, more so if you are doing it for a young child. Make sure that you do your homework and are prepared for the responsibility before you go ahead.

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