Best Gifts for the Traveller

Who said practical gifts had to be boring? To the travel enthusiast, they’re necessary; some can even be quite fun. Think carefully on what options could be suitable, and consider items that would make travelling more convenient for them. Personalize it, be it by color or elsewise, to match their style and personality. For some inspiration for how to shop for gifts for the avid traveller in your life. 

There’s nothing quite like wheeling around a quality suitcase. A good set of travel luggage brings lifelong rewards, making packing, unpacking, and getting around tremendously easier than with shoddy baggage. Gift your friend or loved one a nice piece of luggage or two, or splurge on an entire set for them. If they’ve already got great luggage, help them personalize it with a chic set of luggage tags (if your luggage gets lost, these make it much easier to recover them) and a matching passport case (because life’s too short to carry around a boring and naked passport). 

A beauty sleep travel set, complete with a silk pillowcase and eye mask, can turn an unpleasant flight or ride into a restful, cozy trip to your destination. Silk is kinder on the skin and hair and brings a touch of luxury to an otherwise budget-friendly trip. 

Speaking of sets, a cosmetic or toiletry set are fantastic and useful gifts. Many skincare lines offer travel sets, so your giftee can spare themselves random and impromptu trips to the drugstore to re-stock. 

Say what you will about gifting socks, but hey, if you’ve never worn great socks, you really haven’t lived. Sustainable brand Bombas makes thick socks that are warm and uber comfortable, don’t slip, and feel like they were truly made for your feet. They’ll keep your feet nice and toasty on a chilly flight, and stay put without slipping while hiking or walking. 

Sturdy, reusable water bottles are a must! These save your travelling friend  A piece that fits in standard cup holders, is easy to clean, easy to carry, and available in their favorite color. Some state-of-the-art water bottles are now self-filtering, meaning you can safely gather water with one from anywhere in the world.  

Photography accessories are quite giftable, and options range from beginner photographers to the experts. If you can’t spring for a brand new camera (props to you if you can), there are great camera accessories like stylish camera straps, flexible tripods, camera bags, a cool fish eye lens, or a mini bluetooth Sprocket printer for printing little photographs on the go. Assess their level of skill and interest, and choose accordingly. 

New books, magazines, or even a book subscription, such as Audible, are all thoughtful gifts for your avid traveller so they can pass time in transit. Perusing resources such as Reese Witherspoon’s book club, New York Times Bestseller’s List, or top-ranking book listings on Amazon will help you find popular new reads and search by category.  

There are myriad options for travel-style gifts. Ask yourself, “If it were me, what would make my trip more enjoyable?” Getting the perfect gift for your travel friend or partner takes some research, but it’s so worth it. Also check out punkravestore.de.

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