A Guide to Choose the Right Scrapbook Kit For a Toddler

When you browse through the scrapbook section on an online craft store, you will discover that there are countless confusing options and styles for your toddler. Here are some factors to consider so that you can get your hands on the best kit. First off, learn about scrapbooking essentials.

Scrapbooking Essentials Include:

  • 12 x 12 album
  • Textured paper, to be purchased in sheet paper  
  • Cards in muted colours and shades that complement your textured paper
  • Paper scissors appropriate to cut a 12 x 12-inch paper
  • Glue sticks that are acid-free
  • Image corners
  • A pen that is safe for archival when used in writing a diary

Card Stocks and Patterned Paper 

Cardstock and patterned paper are considered must-haves in the scrapbooking drawer by the majority of artists. Cardstock is a thick, sturdy paper that is often used as a backdrop for decorations and photos. Many scrapbookers tear up cardboard to make exclusive textures and patterns in their pages. 

Patterned papers make it easy to introduce unique patterns and textures to your photo book page. There are too many different styles to choose from that can suit various themes, and it’s a fun way to style your scrapbook.


Stencils, stamps, stickers, and other decorations are the most popular items used to add minor features and final touches to the book. Stencils are cut-out designs that you can draw using a marker on paper to add the design. To make your style more fun, you may use stickers or glue on decorations such as buttons or dry flowers.

Tapes and Adhesives

Adhesives are essential when putting your scrapbook together, and it should go without saying. To avoid the designs coming off for a bit, make sure the glue is reliable and long-lasting. Double-sided tapes or glue are the most popular adhesives, although you may also use other scrapbooking sealants. 

Washi tapes are yet another fun way to add attractive designs to your pages when sticking your pictures on them! There are many washi tape patterns to choose from, so find the ones that better suit your theme.

Markers and Pen

You’ll need reliable black fine-tip ink and permanent markers in various shades if you want to add notes or post stories in your scrapbook. Ensure the ink in your pens and markers is smudge-resistant and long-lasting. If the link doesn’t stain or smudge, the quality will keep your scrapbook looking fresh for a long time. 

In Vogue Styles of Scrapbooks


Machine screws and posts bind the book in a post-bound album. To keep the posts safe in the album, the page upholders have holes drilled in them where they are inserted. Each page protector has a top opening that enables you to slide finished scrapbook pages into the upholders.


Pages of staples inserted in the edges are used in strap-hinge scrapbooks. Plastic belts pass through the staples to secure the book’s pages. Page protector covers are slid across the pages to shield them while the pages are wrapped into the book. 

To Sum Up

Most scrapbook kits have some or all of the items mentioned above, but most importantly is the type of story you want to share in your scrapbook. A kit can take good care of most of the photo, sticker, and artifice mixing and matching, leaving you with just the challenge of deciding on a theme and choosing a scrapbooking kit that fits your requirements.

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