Top Reasons to Choose Rose Hair Tarantula As a Pet

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Tarantulas might look scary, but they make one of the best exotic pets. There are many varieties of tarantulas, rose hair tarantula being one of them. They’re native to the dry grasslands and deserts of Chile, because of which they’re also referred to as Wild Chilean Rose Tarantulas. You can find them at the nearest pet shops. If you’re thinking of bringing one home, it might be a good option. 

You Can Keep Them in Terrariums

The main reason why people bring home rose hair tarantula is because they’re easy to keep. They do not run around the house or hide in the basement (unless you let them). A big enough terrarium of 5-10 gallons is all you’d need. As a rule, you should buy an aquarium with a width three times larger than its legs. The enclosure has to be escape-proof. 

But when preparing its terrarium, you need to have substrate. It will lessen the harsh nature of glass and plastic floors while allowing them to burrow. Pour in 2-3 inches of soil or shredded coconut husk for this.

They are Tame and Tolerant

The rose hair tarantulas are known to be docile and tolerant. Thus, they’re easy to handle even by children. But it’s also important not to overdo it. If it perceives your handling as a threat, then it can bite. Although its venom is not quite potent, it can cause pain and swelling.

Handle your rose hair tarantula with gentle care. Furthermore, it’s recommended to avoid holding it for a week after it has been molted.

They Live in Room Temperature

You don’t need to buy air conditioners or heat lamps to regulate the temperature. Tarantulas live at room temperature, just like you. 

But, don’t let the temperature change drastically. Especially in higher temperatures, their legs become uncoordinated.

Therefore, avoid keeping it under direct sunlight or in the open during the night hours. You’ll notice that the tarantula will continuously try to escape the aquarium. It’s a sign that the temperature is uncomfortable for the spider.

They Eat Crickets

If you’re wondering what the rose hair tarantulas eat for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then it’s cricket. An average tarantula eats about three to five crickets a week. Another great alternative is dubia roaches that are high in protein. Provide an ample amount of water, and that’s all you’d ever need to raise a tarantula.

You Can Breed Them

Many people nowadays are buying exotic pets to breed them for a profit. And if planned correctly, you can too make a profit. Rose hair tarantulas reach sexual maturity at 2-3 years of age. Breeding is easy; all you need to do is bring the male and female together.

Once the mating is over, the male tarantula should be immediately removed from the female’s territory. Otherwise, he can get killed. One egg sac can produce 250-500 offspring, but not all of them will survive.

As and when you bring in a rose hair tarantula, you should allow it to become acquainted with its new home. If you’re considering raising multiple tarantulas, you may want to have a dubia roach colony. This colony will supply as much food as your spiders need.

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