Helping Kids Overcome Emotional And Academic Challenges of Distance Learning

Although the abrupt shift to distance learning took place almost a year ago for most school districts, many children are still struggling to adjust. As you might imagine being away from friends, teachers, activities, and support systems this long is emotionally overwhelming. Most students report having a hard time using technology and keeping up with the workload while also coping with the extenuating circumstances of current times. 

Though life amid the pandemic isn’t easy, parents can make things easier for their children. The following suggestions can resolve academic and emotional challenges for students. 

Create A Space For Learning

There are so many distractions in the home that could prevent a child from focusing on their studies. While you may not be able to remove them all, you can support your child by providing them with an ideal space for learning

Designate a room or large space in your house to turn into a study area. If possible, situate the environment away from distractions. If you have multiple children, ensure that they all have a designated place to learn. If space is limited, you can separate them with an affordable partition. Once you’ve found the perfect spot, ensure that your child has a desk, chair, computer, and school supplies. 

Stay Connected To Teachers

Teachers are your top allies when it comes to providing your child with a quality education. Now more than ever, parents need to ensure that they’re staying in touch with educators. The more you know about the curriculum, course materials, technological platforms, upcoming assignments, and classroom requirements, the easier it is to support your child’s education. 

Since teachers are well-informed in these areas, you want to communicate with them regularly. Find out how your child is doing in class, what issues the teacher might be running into, and ways you can help. You can also check school websites, learning platforms, emails, and phone announcements to keep up with current information. 

Seek Help

No one is expecting you to do this alone. No matter what your needs are, there are individuals, programs, and resources available to help. If your child is having a hard time with class assignments or tech platforms, their teacher can assist. They can explain lessons in detail, provide a list of educational resources, or schedule one-on-one time with your child. 

Parents who notice their children are suffering from stress, anxiety, or depression or merely finding it challenging to adjust to current times should talk to the school’s guidance counselor. Most counselors have a PsyD in Educational Psychology and years of experience working with students and families from diverse backgrounds. They can be your best resource for helping your child cope with academic struggles exacerbated by emotional problems. Whether they set up regular sessions, provide suggestions, or refer you to outside sources that best meet your child’s needs, it’s all beneficial to their learning experience. 

Incorporate Quality Time

You’d think that being at home more often would allow families to spend more time together, but that’s not always the case. Some parents are frontline or essential workers with busy schedules, while others work remotely. With added responsibilities on everyone’s plates, it leaves very little time to hang out. 

Be that as it may, your family needs quality time. It’s a chance to take your mind off the madness and focus on what really matters most. It can strengthen your relationships and even encourage your child to open up about their issues with life and school. If all you have is a few hours a week to dedicate to quality time, take the opportunity. 

Distance learning is necessary for certain school districts to safeguard against the coronavirus pandemic, but it’s a challenging learning experience. Parents are encouraged to do what they can to support their kids during this difficult time. If they’re having a hard time academically or emotionally, do what you can to give them what they’re missing by using the suggestions above should help them improve.

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