The Best Places to Live Around the World

The world has so much to offer. While it all depends on what you’re looking for, there are many great places to live around the planet. Whether you are interested in safety and an upscale neighborhood or a creative and rugged city, when you’re thinking about moving somewhere new your options are endless. With the COVID-19 pandemic shaking up everyone’s lives and making us reevaluate everything, a lot of people are choosing to move to a new place.

If you are looking for a place that is less populated or outside cities, there are plenty of places to relocate. Or you could plan for after the pandemic and find cheaper metropolitan prices, you’ll benefit from people moving out of them to go to less populated places. Below are some of the best places to live around the world.


Singapore is a dynamic city-state where a lot of people go for a better life. While the government regulations are strict, Singapore is a meritocracy where if you want to work hard you can be successful. It also has remarkably low COVID-19 death rates for a metropolitan city. While you will definitely have to get used to the rules, and make sure never to do drugs, in Singapore you can create a great life.

Southern California

While Los Angeles has become the epicenter of COVID-19, parts of Orange County and San Diego are much safer. Many people are moving out of California too, so the usually expensive prices on rent and property are going down. It also has some of the safest spots in the country when it comes to crime. For example, Irvine and Mission Viejo are spread out and very safe for kids. If you can afford to live in these quiet suburban cities, you should find a Realtor in Mission Viejo. These areas are highly sought-after. While COVID-19 is high in California, this can create an opportunity for people who have always wanted to live there.

The West of America

Beyond California, the American West offers wide open spaces, cheaper property, and lower COVID-19 rates. Whether you want to get fresh air in Montana or Wyoming or some sun in Arizona or New Mexico, there are so many places in the West of the United States that offer safety, affordability, and the great natural areas of the country. Do your research and find out the best place for your wants and needs. There are plenty of places in this region that’ll provide a wide variety of options.


Another country with wide open spaces, Canada has so much to offer. With everything from great cities like Vancouver and Montreal to the rural areas of Alberta and Ontario, the country is a great place to live. It is affordable, safe, and lovely. Canada has much lower rates of the COVID-19 virus than the United States. It provides the ability to go in and out of denser cities and keep yourself safe from the virus. If you’re looking for something new, Canada has whatever you want.


Australia has much lower COVID-19 rates than Canada. The country was on it from the beginning, locking it down to the point that the citizens weren’t happy about the government’s regulation. But now the country is thriving in a way many other countries are not. If you’re looking to be near the Outback or in one of its amazing cities like Melbourne or Sydney, Australia has so many destinations for all different kinds of people. It is an affordable place where so people from around the world come to find a better life.

These options are great for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for wide open spaces, affordable prices, and lower COVID-19 rates, there are actually plenty of options. The point is that your life doesn’t have to stop because of this virus. You can still find places that are conducive to you and your family. While these places are a great place to start, there are others. Depending on what you want out of your new home, you can find the best spot to find peace of mind, solace, and a home you can thrive in. Don’t let this world’s situation debilitate you, find happiness wherever you can. 

Ryan Beitler is a journalist, wrier, and blogger who has worked for The Slovenia Times, Paste Magazine, and multiple travel publications.

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