Make Wellness Your 2021 Style Statement

If there’s any better year to reflect on the importance of wellness in our society it’s this one, 2021. We’ve just been through the most traumatizing 12-month cycle in recent history and, truth be told, we’re probably in for another 12. 

One of the medical truths we’ve learned – or had drilled home – is that immune system health is utterly critical. The Covid-19 pandemic has disproportionately stricken people with compromised immune systems. People with pre-existing illnesses, for example, are far more likely to struggle with or die due to the coronavirus.

Another truth we must embrace is the role of mental health in wellness. Depression rates are up and some analysts even say that suicide rates are up, though this hasn’t been confirmed yet. Isolation caused by the pandemic is a major reason. Even people with families, partners, and household friends have experienced mental health problems in this atmosphere. People who live alone maybe even worse off. 

So how do we proceed into 2021 in this historically difficult time? And how do we prepare for the future when we know how quickly and dramatically things can fall apart? 

The answer may be to double-down on wellness this year, to look at the universe and say, “Message received – we’ve gotta take better care of ourselves.” But taking care of the world starts with taking care of yourself; protecting the collection begins with the individual taking responsibility for personal wellness. Sometimes it’s important to remember that the best fashion statement is a positive attitude and a healthy body.

Here are some wellness tips to ponder as we usher in 2021:

At least for right now, avoid cosmetic medical procedures 

Right now we have to do our best to free up doctors and healthcare providers so they can focus on the pandemic. This means you should avoid getting cosmetic surgery at this time. For one, this might expose you to covid. The best way to avoid this is to simply stay at home. 

Secondly, cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatments for wrinkles, may not be necessary. These days, healthy skin texture can usually be preserved with restorative products that protect you against factors like hormones, sun exposure, and dryness. While advanced treatment options like laser surgery or microdermabrasion may be called for one day, topical skincare and chemical peels could just as easily solve your problem. 

It’s time to finally take mental health seriously

For many decades in this country, mental health has been swept under the rug. Many families are too embarrassed to talk about it. Friends are often too shy to ask each other about it. Partners may cover it up out of fear of rejection. 

Finally, the taboo over depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses appears to be lifting. Maybe it took something like the pandemic to show how easily even normally happy people can be stricken with poor mental health. 

And now that we’re taking it more seriously and realizing that it plays a major role in wellness, we can begin to take active steps toward helping each other. Studies have repeatedly shown that people with good mental health are more likely to have good physical health. 

There’s no single pathway toward mental wellness. It requires an ability to be open and honest with yourself. You may need therapy or medication; you may need to change your lifestyle or deal with past trauma; you may need to exercise more and reduce your stress levels. Whatever path you take to mental health, remember that it is directly interconnected with your physical well-being.

Did you make your New Year’s resolutions this year? Some people have gotten sick of these because of how rarely they stick, but maybe you went ahead anyway. You may have resolved to jog more, or get a dog, or make more money. Or maybe you resolved to learn the lessons of 2020 and transform your conception of wellness. 

Whatever you decide to do in 2021, remember that how you feel plays a major role in how you look and how others perceive you. 

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