Four Thrilling Outdoor Activities in France

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If you are looking for an amazing holiday destination for you and the family, France has an abundance of activities available for all ages. From walking tours to ski resorts, there will be plenty of opportunities to see the amazing country for all it has to offer. Parents are continuously discovering the importance of exploration and enjoyment for their children. Interacting in different types of activities will help you find something perfect for everyone. Here are four creative and exploratory activities in France.

Walking Tours

France is home to incredible sights and activities available all year round. With the wealth of medieval sights as well as fabulous modern sculpts, a walking tour might be a top contender for a thrilling activity for you and your family. Paris is always the go-to city for sightseeing and great night and day. The Eiffel Tour, Montmartre, and the Arc de Triomphe are the more popular few of the many different sites suitable for family leisure. There are walking tour and sightseeing vouchers you can purchase before your trip which allows you to plan your itinerary sooner than later. Chatting about the activities with the whole family will create some excitement ahead of your trip so there is something on your list for everyone. 

Ski Resort

If the family is not about that city life and need more adventure to truly explore the world then perhaps a ski holiday is a better option. Ski resorts are becoming increasingly popular among families with young children as there are plenty of activities available to try. A skiing holiday definitely won’t only consist of skiing, there are other activities off the slopes to enjoy. There are also many places for breakfast, lunch and dinner that can be catered to the whole family. Haute-Savoie is often a top choice for family ski holidays – not only is skiing the only activity, but you can also go sledging, ice skating and hiking. If this sounds like something you and the family would be interested in, then check out the Flaine resort info


Does the adventure and excitement of a ski holiday suit your taste more than a city break? Here are some other activities you can try in France. To discover the mountains and incredible landscape France has to offer, Haute-Savoie should be at the top of your list. As you’d be on top of the Grand Massif – literally – you could help fuel your holiday with the thrill and excitement to keep the whole family happy. As much fun as it could be for the children, paragliding can be a huge stress reliever for those who need a bit of relaxation. It can also provide that rush of adrenaline that a great holiday brings. Paragliding is a great way to fuel the whole holiday with fun – forget leaving stomach flutters on the flight, make them last!


Families that love the idea of exploration across the globe will be drawn to hiking in France. Whether this is over the Alps or through breath-taking towering forests, there are trails for everyone of all ages. France is known for its amazing 100,000km worth of walking trails to get you started. Discover the Pyrenees mountains, the Dune du Pilat or the beautiful beaches of Normandy and share your love of nature with the whole family. Plan ahead for the perfect vacation.

Will you dodge the cityscape for the landscape? There is no better way to explore the globe than to travel and create your expedition for adventure. 

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