5 Tips To Stay Warm During Cold Date Nights

Dating is a mixed bag of excitement and fun. But as anybody who has ever been on a first date will tell you, it can be a little challenging to schedule the perfect activity, mainly when the weather outside is frightening. If you plan your next big date on a beautiful cold night, here are five tips that will help you keep warm and fuzzy. 

        1 . Add Some Alcohol

A useful vasodilator during winters is alcohol. It causes dilation of your blood vessels, particularly the capillaries just beneath the surface of your skin. The amount of blood transported to the skin’s surface rises when you have a meal, making you feel warm. Also,  on consuming alcohol, the liver gives off heat during the digestive process as it metabolizes the alcohol. It may then produce a sensation of being warm if you are a person who likes to have a glass of whiskey to keep up the warmth in this cold weather. Do try a sip of Henry Mckenna .


2. Choose The Right Attire

It might seem simple, but a great way to stay warm is to pile on a few extra layers if you have to be outdoors. It is necessary to keep yourself warm when temperatures fall below zero, so consider adding a shirt or two under your coat. Are you worried about looking uncomfortable? Many clothes manufacturers produce cold-weather garments that are sufficiently slim to fit even under work clothes.

For Ladies out there!

Try switching to long innerwear than short ones. You can even try wearing leggings. Many clothing stores have long underwear that looks the same as leggings and can help keep you warm. Most long inner wears become dry quickly, so they won’t leave your legs wet with residual slush. 


3. Foods to Focus

It is essential to eat healthy in the winter to avoid colds and flu. According to Columbia Wellness, consuming additional beneficial fats during the winter will help speed up the metabolism, which heats the body.

Some foods to try!

  • Bananas have vitamin B and magnesium essential for your thyroid and adrenal glands’ proper function. Such glands help regulate body temperature. Among other health advantages, bananas will also improve your memory.
  • On a cold day, hot ginger tea will make you feel cozy inside. For digestive wellbeing, ginger is considered to be healthy and may induce thermogenesis. It’s also a diaphoretic, which suggests that it can warm the body when the temperature drops. 
  • A decent source of iron is red meat, such as beef, lamb, and pork. People with Low-iron levels may experience cold hands and feet or quickly feel exhausted. Vitamin B12 can be fueled to the body by consuming red meat, which leads to healthier nerves and a robust immune system.


4. Focus on your Feet

Indoor House Slippers are a must. It may sound a little old-fashioned, but it sure makes a difference to have a rubber sole. A warm pair of socks will toast your feet warm. Do not forget to change your socks often. Use wool socks or SmartWool socks to protect your feet from sweating. 

It is more likely that hypothermia can make your limbs, like your hands and feet, cold. So they must be warm and cozy. Be sure to wear durable, insulated shoes that will help avoid slides on slippery surfaces and keep your feet dry. Putting a foam liner in your boots or shoes for the outdoors will give your toes an additional coat of padding on the cold ground again.

5. Stay Active on Your Date Night

If your dates are scheduled in the evening, don’t rest the whole day. Instead, keep moving. Winters are the best time to clean your house. You can indulge in some house-hold chores during the day. Staying active will help you burn more calories and in turn heat your body. Bonus point,  you will also have a clean home to come back to after a busy night.

While on a date, indulge in some active time together. You can cook or indulge in some sports. Alternatively, playing a good piece of music and indulging in some dance can make your date night more memorable. You will not only enjoy it, but it will also retain heat in your body. 



You will appreciate your look and enjoy the winter, the date, and much more as long as you pack up in a trendy coat and a soft scarf. And for those winter nights that are cold, follow these tips to stay warm. Do not forget to stay hydrated to help maintain your body’s moisture levels. You can also switch on a humidifier to avoid dryness in the temperature. Being warm also keeps you comfortable and happy together.

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