3 Tips for a Weekend Road Trip

Although you probably look forward to family vacations, a time when you can reflect and relax, it’s difficult to plan and finance these breaks more than once or twice a year. 

Still, that doesn’t mean you have to go for long stretches in the year without a break. 

You can squeeze in a weekend excursion, a quick trip to refresh your family’s spirits with some happy adventures. 

Despite how busy everyone is in your family, it is always possible to schedule a vacation. 

Enjoy a Brief Family Vacation 

You can always go on a vacation before your vacation by taking weekend-long road trips. 

Despite their brevity, weekend road trips can be fun, an opportunity to make a quick getaway. Think of these excursions as an excuse to reboot your mood and give your family a chance to build lifelong memories. Breaking away from a predictable routine will also be a wonderful way to reduce stress for everyone in your family.

The convenient thing about a weekend road trip is that it doesn’t take much planning and it doesn’t cost too much, either. It’s also easy to get back into the flow of your week after you get back home. 

Of course, you should take all of the necessary health-care precautions due to COVID-19 when you travel.

Quick Tips

Here are three tips to make it easier to enjoy these mini-vacations: 

Tip #1: Fix Up Your Car 

Make sure everything in your car works the way it should. If it doesn’t, then get it fixed. You don’t want to get stranded in the middle of nowhere because of an undiagnosed car problem.

Fix everything. Even fix things you don’t consider a safety hazard. For instance, if your speedometer isn’t working properly, get an aftermarket speedometer. This simple step will prevent you from potentially ruining your trip by getting an expensive speeding ticket because you’re driving a little too fast without realizing it–perhaps zipping through a well-monitored zone. 

Tip #2: Take Everything You Need 

Try to be as comprehensive as you can when you make your packing list. Besides clothes, food, and electronic devices, here are some other things you should pack: 

  • Essential oils: Some great essential oils for a road trip are lavender or citrus oil to help keep the driver alert and peppermint oil to help with motion sickness.  
  • A Swiss Army knife: You will find this handy for many things. There may be many occasions when you’ll be glad you had one with you. 
  • Medications: Even if no one in the family is on any prescription medications, it’s always useful to have Benadryl, painkillers for headaches, and a first aid kit. 
  • Travel accessories: Some useful things to have in the car are pillows, travel mugs, and water bottles. 

Tip #3: Download Useful Road Trip Apps Before You Go

Although you’ll probably use Google Maps or other map software to figure out where to go and how to get there, a few other apps you might find useful are Roadtripper, GasBuddy, and HotelTonight.

  • Roadtripper, a web-based software app as well as a mobile app, can help you discover interesting places to go.
  • GasBuddy lets you find real-time fuel prices when you’re on the road.
  • HotelTonight helps you locate hotels offering discounts on empty rooms and booking a room.  

To sum up, you don’t have to wait for the right time to go on a vacation. You can always take a road trip over the weekend to satisfy your wanderlust. Although short, weekend road trips give you just enough time to escape your hectic daily life and just enough time to clear your mind and for your family to lift their spirits. 

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