Causes of Weight gain and the top 5 weight Loss supplements

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 While there are many factors of weight loss, according to studies on the subject, there are some statistically common causes you should know about.


Top Causes Of Weight Gain

Weight gain can be caused by many things. But some basic principles spur the most common causes. Take a look at what these common causes are:

  • Calorie Intake – It’s no secret that if you consume more calories than you can burn off in a day, you will gain weight. This is the basic principle behind any diet and exercise plan.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle – With the shift towards digital commerce, people are taking up jobs that require a sedentary lifestyle and adopting this habit in general. Lack of physical activity is a main contributor to the current obesity crisis.
  • Medical Conditions – Medical conditions such as thyroid diseases may also contribute to obesity.
  • Medication – Certain medications inhibit physical activity. They may make you drowsy and lethargic and unwilling to engage in physical activity, which will surely contribute to at least some weight gain.
  • Aging – Perhaps, the most common and natural cause of weight gain is slower metabolism. This occurs as we age and the body is less capable of metabolizing fat.
  • Poor Diet – According to most experts, weight loss is 70% of what you eat and 30% of how much exercise you get. So, a healthy diet plan is crucial to any weight loss effort.

What Are The Ingredients In Weight Loss Supplements?

In addition to a healthy diet plan and regular exercise, weight loss supplements can be a great help. Many weight loss supplements have common ingredients such as:

  • Green Tea – Green tea extract contains catechins that provide antioxidant defense and may be able to boost metabolism.
  • Capsacin – Capsacin is a compound found in many types of peppers. It is believed that it can also boost metabolism.
  • Hoodia Gordonii – Hoodia gordonii is a natural ingredient that is typically used to help suppress appetite for the sake of weight loss. It can make the user feel fuller with fewer calories.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Help?

The fact is that only quality weight-loss supplements will help you lose weight. A lot of supplements contain filler ingredients or ones that have not been proven by science to benefit weight loss efforts in any way. But, high-quality products like the ones we are about to list can certainly help you attain your target weight.


Top 5 Weight Loss Supplements

1.      Phenocal – Phenocal is by far the most effective weight loss supplement on the market. It contains proven ingredients like cocoa extract, green tea leaf extract, folic acid, and a complex blend of B vitamins that work together to get your energy levels up and metabolism working at max capacity. But, perhaps what makes Phenocal one of the most effective weight loss supplements currently available is the fact that it supports weight loss in 3 different ways. First of all, it has ingredients that help promote a feeling of fullness and can suppress unhealthy overeating habits. Secondly, it works with your metabolism to help your body burn more calories when you are sedentary and active. And lastly, it provides you with more energy so you feel like working out.

2.      Almased – Almased is a very popular weight-loss shake. It works by promoting a feeling of fullness. The idea is that the user would take a serving of Almased as a replacement for a meal, intake fewer calories, and over time, this would result in weight loss.

3.      Thermofight X – This is a weight loss supplement for fans of the ketogenic diet. ThermoFight X helps your body get into a state of ketosis wherein you start to burn fat as fuel as opposed to carbohydrates.

4.      Razalean – Razalean is a popular weight loss supplement that contains ingredients like kelp powder, green coffee bean extract, turmeric, ketones, cayenne, l-arginine, and apple cider vinegar just to name a few.

5.      Meratrim – This would be a good supplement for you if you believe in the connection between gut bacteria and weight gain. Meratrim helps to balance gut bacteria to help your body burn more fat.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Have Side Effects?

Some do and some don’t. For example, Phenocal is widely regarded as a side-effect-free weight loss supplement.

On the other hand, you have weight loss supplements like ThermoFight X that may have some of the same side effects that are commonly associated with the ketogenic diet such as bad breath and headaches.

Weight Loss Supplements Pros & Cons


  • Weight loss supplements like Phenocal address multiple causes of weight loss
  • A quality weight loss supplement will provide more energy for working out
  • Using a good weight loss supplement will make it easier to maintain good caloric intake balance
  • You can use certain weight loss supplements to help make the ketogenic diet more sustainable


  • Some supplements aren’t high quality
  • Some may cause side effects
  • They will not work unless you commit to diet and exercise
  • Some take too long to produce results


It’s not a bad idea to take a natural weight loss supplement as long as you choose the right one. Talking to your physician may also help select the supplement that will work for you.

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