7 Amazing Places To Explore After Your Retirement

Traveling is a form of therapy for many individuals. It is an escape from the everyday mundane life. However, many people are not lucky enough to have even one vacation a year due to professional and personal responsibilities. Well, that is about to change if you are about to or have retired because you need not wait for annual vacations anymore. According to the AARP travel trends survey in 2019, more than ninety-four percent of the baby boomers anticipated one domestic break. Half of them desired to plan an international trip.    

To help you plan better, we have curated a list of seven incredible places to explore post-retirement. The list covers everything from fun-filled activities such as driving across the Blue Ridge Parkway to a relaxing vacation in one of the calm beaches of Costa Rica.    

  1. Australia    

The great southern land is vast and has a lot to offer to tourists of all ages. Start by exploring the metropolitan city, Sydney. Visit the exemplary Opera House and head for an evening stroll across the Harbour bridge. You can opt for a cruise dinner in Sydney and enjoy Australian cuisines with a bottle of exotic zinfandel wine. If marine wildlife piques your interest and you want to indulge in fun-filled adventure activities such as snorkeling, then the Great Barrier Reef is your go-to spot in Australia. Melbourne’s great ocean road is a fantastic place to explore sandy beaches, jagged cliffs, and rivers, including the Yarra River, which offers an exceptional city view.    


  1. Blue Ridge Parkway    

The marvelous four hundred and sixty-nine-mile route, the blue ridge parkway, connecting two iconic national parks, offers a breathtaking view. The drive across the parkway will be one of the memorable ones as you get to indulge in camping, golf, biking, etc., en voyage. The Biltmore Estate, situated in Asheville, North Carolina, offers a thrilling experience, a.k.a., ”the time travel experience”, where you can explore the two hundred and fifty room and colossal garden estate. You can easily find further information about other scenic spots present across the Blue Ridge Parkway through their official website.    

  1. Egypt    

If the ancient Egyptian civilization and the pyramids’ great beauty interest you, better pack for Egypt. Along with the river Nile and the great pyramids of Giza, you can now explore the Grand Egyptian Museum that opens in 2021. It was initially scheduled to open this year itself but got postponed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The museum will showcase about twenty thousand artifacts, out of which five thousand and four hundred objects were from Tutankhamun’s tomb.    


  1. Sicily    

Located just below Italy, the Mediterranean island is full of thriving vibrant culture and tons of quaint architectural sites. Visit the capital city of Sicily, Palermo that is full of ancient cathedrals, beautiful outdoor markets, and mouth-watering street food. You can smell the perfect pasta or cannoli while walking in some of the streets in Sicily. Apart from that, arancini (fried rice balls) is another must-try street food popular in Sicily, which tastes delicious along with the famous Sicilian wines. You can find several vineyards near Mount Etna, an active volcano, another popular tourist destination. The island is home to gorgeous beaches, fresh seafood, and brilliant architectural sites.    

  1. Costa Rica    

Full of rainforests, volcanoes, jungles, and hot springs, Costa Rica, is a spectacular place to visit. It is truly heaven on earth to wildlife enthusiasts as they get to see exuberant species of monkeys, whales, sea turtles, wildcats, and sloths.  Finding quality accommodation is an easy task in Costa Rica as there are several luxury resorts and five-star hotels sprawled across the country. Spend your mornings exploring the wild, hiking, surfing, diving, or even playing golf, and relax on a calm beach or explore the dense forest in the evenings.    


  1. Ireland    

If lush green sceneries attract you, then visiting Ireland should be on your bucket list. The city is also known for its thriving pubs, warm and friendly people. Visit Trinity College in Dublin to view the ancient manuscripts and the exceptional architecture of the city. A trip to the Guinness Storehouse is a must when in Ireland. You will miss out on the beer and marvelous panoramic view if you skip it. Belfast, Killarney, Kinsale, and Kilkenny are some of the beautiful cities to explore in Ireland. The Ring of Kerry is a scenic drive alongside the Iveragh Peninsula that offers breathtaking views of waterfalls, beaches, and various other historical sites.    

  1. Israel    

Here’s another small country that is attracting a lot of tourists in recent times. Due to an increase in tourism, the Israel Nature and Parks Authority have introduced an Israel pass that offers easier access and discounts to visit nature reserves, national parks, and various other popular tourist attractions. Tel Aviv is a must-visit city known for its vibrant artistic culture, pubs, and beaches. Drive-up north to Caesarea, which offers a picturesque view of the Mediterranean climate and the Roman Ruins. If you are in the mood to splurge, then the Norman is a luxurious boutique hotel located in a restored historical building. All in all, history buffs should check out Israel.     


Final Thoughts    

That sums up the list of the seven marvelous places you can visit post-retirement. It is better to plan if you wish to personalize your travel experience by availing of additional services such as special meals, extra legroom, etc. Hopefully, the article will come handily when you plan the best itinerary for your post-retirement vacation.

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