6 Amazing Things To Do In Chattanooga

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With this year being particularly difficult for choosing a good vacation spot given the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of people are deciding to embark on staycations – a vacation in your own country or State.

Tennessee has something for everyone. Whether you’re a thrill-seeker or prefer a more relaxed vacation you will find something perfect for you in Chattanooga, TN.

Go For A Ghost Tour                                                                                                                                               

Halloween may be done for the year but that doesn’t mean the spooky fun has to stop there! Chattanooga has one of the top-rated ghost walks in the country – perfect for injecting a little ghostly fun into your vacation.

A ghost tour will also be a great way to help you explore Chattanooga with friendly, if a little spooky, tour guides to help.

Explore The City

There are so many things to do in Chattanooga. You will find bars, restaurants and coffee shops to suit all tastes. You will also find plenty of family-friendly restaurants and activities for the kids.

Chattanooga has a rich history including Native American history and Civil War history. This makes it perfect if you want your vacations to have a strong educational element for the kids. Check out some of the historical tours and landmarks, plan your day and go exploring!

Go On An Adventure

Chattanooga boasts some beautiful natural landmarks. One of the most beautiful, and definitely unmissable, is the amazing cave tours. Our favorite was definitely the Ruby Falls caving adventure.

Attractions in Chattanooga are perfect for the more adventurous among us. They’re great for the whole family and are a perfect way to explore the natural beauty of these unique cave systems.

Take A Train Ride

Another thing that Chattanooga is well known for is its trains. Even before the Civil War, the city was a major connection on the national rail.

As a result, Chattanooga has some great train museums and tours. You could take a train ride while learning all about the history of the place and the railroad. There’s also a shuttle that takes you up Lookout Mountain – perfect for a day of exploring.

Visit The Chattanooga Zoo

The zoo is great for kids of all ages (and adults!) This is a zoo with education and interactivity in mind so it really will be ideal for your vacation.

The zoo operates with the care of wildlife and nature at the heart of what they do so it is perfect if you want your kids to better understand the importance of conservation and caring for the planet.

Check Out The Art District

The art district of Chattanooga is truly unique. It combines outdoor art installations, local artisans, craftspeople, and the renowned River Gallery. There is a beautiful sculpture garden, lovely international art and so much more.

The art district is perfect for teaching children about the full potential of the arts. Whether you’re sampling artisan baked bread, viewing modern art, or sampling roast coffee there’s so much to be learned and enjoyed in the art district.

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