Why You Need Lonely Planet in Your Classroom

I recently started subbing in my kids’ classrooms. I noticed they were lacking one kind of book and that was from Lonely Planet. Most of you may not be aware that Lonely Planet actually publishes kids books! They were kind enough to send me a few books and the one I wanted to talk about was The Big Earth Book. I wanted to share why you need Lonely Planet in Your Classroom. We love sharing stuff like this on our blog! 

#1. The Details of the Book

The Big Earth Book is full of so many details, it’s amazing! As you comb through the book, you will see lots of details of the earth. You’ll see history, geography, and science!

#2. The Illustrations

For my kids, their favorite part of the book was the illustrations. They loved seeing all the pictures and how they brought the history of the earth to life. You need Lonely Planet Kids’ The Big Earth Book in your classroom because it’ll introduce kids to a LOT of fun pictures.

#3. Written by the Best

One of the reasons you need this in your classroom is because of the writer Mark Brake. He is a science writer and broadcaster who’s worked for NASA, the BBC, and the National Science Museum of Thailand. If you’re going to have a book in your classroom, it might as well be done by an expert.

As you can see Lonely Planet can offer a lot to your classroom. This is just one example of a book that has a lot of history and geography in it. Every book I’ve ever picked up by Lonely Planet has been educational and full of the best knowledge and illustrations. Grab one of these books for the classroom, you won’t regret it!

Go and purchase your very own The Big Earth Book. Also, head to Lonely Planet to get more information on other books you can purchase.  

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Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver is a work at home mom and wife. She's been married to Ryan for nearly 8 blissful years. She has three adorable and rowdy sons. Benjamin- 6, Isaac- 4, and Josiah-2 and a baby girl on the way! If you would like to contact Jess you can do so by clicking the contact me button on her website www.jessleewrites.com
Jess Weaver
Jess Weaver

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