Topgolf Summer Fun Pass

Topgolf Summer Fun Pass

Topgolf is a great place to meet up with friends and wear out the kids in the summer. If you are like me, you are constantly searching for fun things to do over summer vacation. Let’s face it; when kids are bored, we the parents suffer the consequences.

So, I like to be prepared before summer even gets here with a summer fun pass from Topgolf. Here’s what we love about it!

Unlimited Topgolf Games

When you buy a summer fun pass, you enjoy unlimited Topgolf game play for you and up to 5 guests per visit! This means for only $149, myself and my kids can have fun all summer long. This is a great way to get through our weekdays and it’s open until 5 P.M.


On top of getting a summer fun pass for the whole family, you also get special exclusive deals when you buy a summer fun pass. This means you can get the following:


  • Deals on food
  • Deals on events
  • Retail discounts
  • Pass perks

The Early Bird Special

What I love about the Topgolf summer fun pass is that I can save $20 just by buying my pass before May 1st. A typical summer fun pass is $199 per summer. However, if you purchase the early bird special, you can get the summer fun pass for only $149 per summer! Keep in mind that even though you are getting a discounted price, the summer fun doesn’t start until May 27th.


If you decide to upgrade your summer fun pass to a lifetime membership, you can easily do it online by logging into your account.

Summer Academy

Another option that I like about Topgolf is the awesome summer academies that they offer. Although this will cost you extra on top of your summer fun pass, you can get some great deals if you do the early bird special.


The Academy is a 5-day non-stop learning and entertainment camp that kids will love. This program includes the following:


  • Components that make up golf
  • Chipping
  • Full swing
  • Rules
  • Etiquette
  • Fun


Academies are for kids ages 6-12, and you get to select the dates you want! Each academy is taught by golf professionals from a Topgolf couch. The academy is fully staffed so there are low student to instructor ratios so each golfer gets in-depth, hands-on training in golf. Classes will be Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.


Do you love the summer fun pass from Topgolf? Share your stories and experiences with us! We would love to know what you love about Topgolf.


So, if you are looking for some summer fun, get your pass, today! Share your summer fun in the comments below!


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