Car Camping Camp Chef Round Up Review

Camp Chef 2 Burner Stove Review

If you are a frequent camper, like myself, you are absolutely going to love the Camp Chef Pro 60x Two-Burner StoveI’m not talking camping, like in a cozy, air conditioned motor home or camper. I’m talking true camping, like in a zipped up tent, in the middle of the woods kind of camping. The kind where bare necessities are just about all that you need. Though, I suppose if you don’t want to dirty up the kitchen in your camper, you may enjoy the camp chef stove, as well.

A Must Need Item for Camping

The Camp Chef Pro 60x Two-Burner Stove is one of the first items I load up in the car, each time my family and I go camping. I can do without a lot of products and items on a camping adventure, however, I love food. Good food! So my camping stove is an absolute must have for our weekend camping trips. 

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Two Burner Stove is Awesome

The two burner stove is perfect, because it allows me to cook multiple foods at one time. So, while I’m cooking up a batch of fluffy scrambled eggs on one side, I can also be making bacon on the other side, all at once! It even has a small table that flips up on each side, so it provides ample space for my kitchen utensils, a plate, and even my beverage!

Extra Features

While most portable stoves come with multiple burners and even side tables, there is one feature that this stove has, that the others don’t. It has folding legs come with adjustable levelers for rough terrain! As you know, when you are camping, it’s not often that you happen upon a campsite with level terrain.

However, I don’t even care about the terrain anymore. No matter where we camp, I can adjust the legs to different heights, leveling out the stove! This stove has some really great features, like a steel handle on the back, to make carrying it easier, a three sided wind screen, and a matchless ignition, however the adjustable legs were certainly a big selling point for me.

You Need This for Camping!

While I use this stove most often while camping, it has also become an essential while tailgating at local ball games, and it has even made it on a few trips to the beach with my family. The Camp Chef Pro 60x Two-Burner Stove has more than exceeded my expectations, and was well worth the money spent.

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