Spring Academy at Topgolf

Spring Academy at Topgolf

Every parent wants their child to have a passion for something they love. Spring Academy at Topgolf helps your kids grow their game! My kids love golf, so signing them up for this is a no brainer. Keep reading to discover why you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.


Top Golf Goals

Usually, our kids are in school working on their reading and writing. So, when they’re out of school, working on their golf skills is a good idea. Through classes, lessons, or the Spring Academy, kids can learn a lot about developing their swing and much more.


Details to Know

If you have a kiddo between the ages of 6 and 12, this is a great opportunity for them. Depending on where you sign your kiddos up, the Spring Academy runs Monday through Wednesday from 9AM to 12PM. The cost is $119 and your kiddo is going to learn a ton about themselves and the game that they love.


What Happens When You Register

Signing up your kiddos for Spring Academy at Topgolf gets them much more than you could ever imagine. Kids get entry into the academy which is awesome because they’re going to learn a lot about golf and their game. They will also get a special gift and a certificate of completion, which will only help their self confidence. Your golfer will also get lunch and top of the line instruction.

What Your Golfer Needs to Bring

You may be wondering what your golfer needs to bring to Spring Academy at Topgolf.


  • A Good Attitude – They should come to learn and experience as much as they can about the great game of golf.
  • Dress Comfortably – Your kiddo should dress comfortably as they will be moving around a lot.
  • Dress for the Weather – It’s always hard to determine what the weather will be like for something like this, so make sure your kiddo dresses for the weather.
  • The Right Shoes – Last, but not least – make sure your kiddo wear closed-toe shoes that are flat. This is important as they focus on learning how to become a better golfer.

Topgolf is almost sold out for Spring Academy, so sign up NOW!


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