What If Book Series

What If Book Series


Do you ever just ask yourself “what if?”  My kids are always asking me “what if.” And I’m always trying to respond with something funny. The What If book series is such a fun little series. With this book, you get to use your imagination and so much more!

Fun Picture Book

I have to say that the What If book is so much fun because it’s a fun picture book! My kids love looking at picture books, even before they could read, we looked at picture books forever. What If is a fun little picture book that also has words. I just love that there are so many pictures that help bring the story to life.


Brings Imagination to Life

You know, when you’re a kid, it’s fun to have an imagination. Not enough kids get the chance to do just that. I feel as though WHAT IF allows the child reading to have an imagination and that is an awesome thing!

Great Family Book

What IF is a great family book! The kids and I have read the books over and over again. It’s one of those books that your kids will pick up again and again. I love that all of my kids love the What If Book Series! It’s great family time. I have to admit that my husband really enjoys this book series as well.


The next time you’re looking for a great book, make sure you check out what What If series! The language is simple, but the message is big. We also loved the illustrations and everything the book stands for. I encourage you to go pick up your copy of this book.


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